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Holy Week at Grace


palm sunday


Palm Sunday | Upside Down and Backwards

This coming Sunday, April 17, worship services at 8 am & 9:30 am


Holy Week has its ups and downs. Just as we give ourselves to the giddy joy of a Palm parade, the story darkens. We are shocked to see parts of ourselves in the betrayers and in the betrayed. As the crowd tramples the palms and banners underfoot, we don't quite know where the story is headed, but we have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better.


 For the 9:30 service, please bring:

Ribbons on poles, flowering branches, walking shoes and warm coats.

Please look for information from Debbie Rimkus about how Godly Play will work this Sunday. 


Holy Week & Easter Schedule

The Watch Sign-Up Sheet is now up in the Narthex. You may also send us an email with the hour you would like to do your Watch. Read more below.


Holy Week at Grace
A Season of Goodness  


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Desmond Tutu On, Made for Goodne 

Forgive Me. Forgive You. All Good. 


Posted on April 7, 2011 by Vicar of Grace

Coming to terms with personal "goodness" is often harder to do than simply proclaiming and accepting some sort of abstract, existential, universal human goodness.  As I said last week, seeing our own individual lives as "good" is no small challenge.  When Bishop Tutu tells the story of his father's death (p. 141 and following), and his own reaction to it, I want to tell him "it's OK.  You were a good son.  You yourself are good."  But I also know how hard we can be on ourselves.  In these few pages he again shows his honesty, and the straightforward way that he lets his own life mingle and mold with the universal ideas and ideals of his faith.  What a powerful thing to admit that he knows God has forgiven him for ignoring his father, but he was unsure whether or not he had indeed forgiven himself.

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Link >> Lent, Holy Week, and Easter 



Looking for Goodness 

Here is "Good" Happening.  We hear so much that just isn't good, but right here, each week, we'll provide a link to a little bit of goodness and grace.  And we love to hear from you, too.  Send us the goodness you'll see--we are made for this!



Local Boy.  Local Good.

Good things happen all around us, right next to us even. Tally is an

8th grade Bainbridge Boy fighting one heckuva "bad" cancer. And he is a

good fighter. We've been praying for him weekly, and here's a way to

connect with doing something to supplement the prayers.  It's a chance

to do good, as we acknowledge what is good.


Team Tally 


>> Learn More and Show your Support for Team Tally. 





Kids Happen


Kids In/Parents Out

Saturday, April 30, 5-8:30pm

It's time to sign up for our spring Kids Night on Saturday, April 30th. Parents, here's your opportunity for some time at home to garden and spring clean, or make a reservation and enjoy an evening out. We're hoping for some spring weather so the kids can enjoy their own gardening time and outdoor games. The classrooms will also be set up with gardening art projects, as well as some games. Dinner and story time will follow. After a little dessert, we'll wind down with a movie. A small donation to help cover the cost of food and art supplies will be gratefully accepted. To help us plan the right amount of food and supervision, be sure and sign up by emailing Debbie Rimkus

Grace Youth News 

by Bill Harper 

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While it's only April, and hardly Spring, we are pretty aware that our regular Thursday nights are coming to an end for this season and year. It's been our pattern to stop youth group in the middle of May--acknowledging that the last month of the school year is just pretty darn packed--for kids and their families. It seems somehow healthy and supportive to create pockets of "air" in everybody's calendars. I certainly know that to be the case in my own life--with one kid trying to finish his freshman year, and another one taking that step of graduation.  So, here's the schedule ahead, with some pretty cool highlights.
>>  Cool Highlights 
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Earth & Spirit 



Sustainable Bainbridge: Free Styrofoam Recycling

What: Styrofoam that can snap and has clingy beads -- found as electronics and appliance packaging; picnic/shipping coolers; and packing peanuts. NO meat trays. 


Where: East side parking lot entrance of T & C

When:Saturday, April 16



Zero Waste


Initiative of Sustainable Bainbridge

Business sponsor: Reliable Storage

Contact info: Diane Landry,




May Day at Hilltop

Sunday, May 1, 2011, noon - 4 pm


This one-day event will open a unique property nestled between two pieces of the Grand Forest.  Walk in and join us for the opportunity to take in the Hilltop vista views, explore a variety of habitats from mature forests to open meadows, as well as join in guided tours of this still private property, not to mention the live music, local food and family activities throughout the afternoon. Explore with us and look what the Land Trust has on the horizon. LEARN MORE 


Women's Retreat 



Grace Women's Retreat

May 13 - 15, 2011, Seabeck Conference Center


We invite you to join us for a weekend of rest and renewal.

We will settle in. We will practice a simpler way of living. We will be in community. And we will have time to ourselves.


We begin with yoga, we move into Authentic Movement. We close with simple centering prayer and song on Sunday morning.


To register email

$75 nonrefundable deposit due at registration.


$200 includes lodging, meals, movement practices,

and meals from Friday dinner-Sunday lunch.

Full balance due by May 1st.


Kay Jensen, yoga

Lynn and Lee Fuller, Authentic Movement,




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Grace Food Basket April 

Pasta, Jelly, canned meat (not tuna), dry cat food, variety of cereals, beans (protein), mixes for meals.  





 2011 Outreach Grant Application 

The 2011 Grace Outreach grant application is available from >>  Mark Kruse
or  >> download from the church website.

veggies at grace
©Colleen Rain Austin

Veggies with Grace Plant Swap & Garden Guidance

Sunday,  April 17, 11:30 am 


"Gardening is something you can do as a parent that just seems right" 

                                                                                           -- Tricia Kurtzman


Bring your divisions, cherished heirloom cuttings and anything you would like to donate to the Veggies with Grace or Flowers with Grace (the new cutting garden) and swap. Then join us in Walker Hall for: Garden Guidance where you can talk to
Neil Tennyson and Colleen Rain and share your own knowledge. Neil and Colleen ahve extensive experience with vegetable, flower and herb gardening and are dedicated to organic, sustainable food. They will also provide a garden fresh salad and soup and the chance to talk about gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Kids are welcome and will have the chance to plant potatoes and peas in the Grace Garden.  

                                        See you Sunday in the Garden!    

Ann Vekklyn