Greetings Fine Families, 


We are gearing up for the third section of our Confirmed, not Conformed series. 


Way back in the fall, we started with that sense of God way beyond anything we can imagine. Then we moved to the sense of God right beside us. Now we begin exploring that sense  of God within us, the Holy Spirit. 


Just what IS that? And what does your holy spirit feel like anyway? Maybe your kids will help us find some answers.


Youth around Epiphany fire (Confirmed)

We'll meet as usual at 7pm, this Sunday April 10th. Bring those journals!


Those goodies that arrive unexpectedly are delightful! Thank you.




And the reminders:

April 21st, Maundy Thursday service at Grace, during Holy Week. 

The kids are required to be there.  They will help serve the meal, and also participate in foot washing.  It's an important night--meeting at Grace at 5:30.

And if you've never participated, c'mon! We eat at real tables in the sanctuary and then we see people settle into to some simple, humble joy.


April 22, Good Friday service.  We want the kids simply to attend the service--either of the services.  One is Noon or 7 pm. The objective here is simply to experience a service that is unique and outside of their normal expectations of church.


With care, Bill, Kathie and Ann     

Confirmation Calendar 
Sundays 7 - 9 pm   

God Within: Holy Spirit

April 10:          Burning with the holy spirit without burning up.  
April 17:          Surviving and thriving  
April 21 & 22:  Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services  
May 1:             Creeds and Deeds
May 18:           Getting Confirmed with the Bishop