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Hey Everyone--

Compassion.  Feeling for Others.  In some real and obvious ways it's just natural.  It's part of who we are. And still, to both feel and act with compassion needs development, nurture, care.  We need to find ways to grow and deepen what we sometimes suppress. When "bad things happen" to others we quickly feel for them, and then too often that feeling gets pushed away: "what can I do?" "I don't know what to say."  "I feel paralyzed."  "I won't make a difference."

I'v been thinking a lot about this lately.  Thinking about how to respond to the hurt and grief others experience.  Thinking about what to do in the face ever more detailed tragedies around the world.  So that's what I hope we'll talk about this week at both Rite 13 and Alive and Well.  It can be challenging--but Kathie and I are hoping to give the kids some honest tools for deepening their own compassion--and not fearing it.  Say a prayer for us as we give it a shot--it's obviously well worth the effort.


And PS: We are changing the schedule a bit this month--and starting Spring Break a day early.  There will be now Rite 13 or Alive and Well next week, March 24th.  We'll be back right after Spring Break!  Enjoy it!