Hi All,


First of all, we so wish you could have seen/felt the room on Sunday night.  When kids arrived in the Sanctuary the place was lit by candles, and in the center of the room was a circle of small white towels, bowls, pitchers of water.  Quietly, and with hardly any introduction, the 3 of us washed some 20 pair of feet, while music played and the kids simply absorbed the experience.  It was tender and touching, and we think provided a way for us to understand the heart of Jesus.  To serve from a full heart.  And yes, such a moment draws us closer to them, and hopefully they to us and to each other.


That said, we have fewer and fewer times to gather as we point toward May 18th, our Confirmation date.  So, please do check the dates below--and know that greater participation means greater connection.


There are 3 important dates that we want to highlight now.


First: Sunday, March 20th, evening Compline at St. Mark's.  If you know about this 55 year old weekly tradition at the Cathedral, than it needs no explanation.  If you don't know--well, then it's hard to explain.  A link here might help a little.  It is a remarkable part of "young culture" in Seattle--but it's strangely "old school" church.  In any case, we're going--and it's a rich experience.  But it takes some time to get there, so here's the plan: let's have the kids all meet up in the Galley on the 8:10 ferry that night.  We'll have the Grace Van and 2 other cars on board and we'll travel from the ferry to St. Mark's, getting there for the 9:30 service.  We'll return on the 10:40 that night, with pick-up at the ferry.


Second: Maundy Thursday at Grace, during Holy Week.  The kids are "required" to be there.  They will help serve the meal, and also participate in foot washing.  It's an important night--meeting at Grace at 5:30.


Third: Good Friday service.  We want the kids simply to attend the service--either of the services.  One is Noon (yep, you could pull them out of school!) the other at 7 pm.  The objective here is simply to experience a service that is unique and likely outside their normal expectations of church.


OK, that's it for now.  Check those dates--and again, thanks for letting us serve your kids.


Bill, Kathie and Ann     

Youth around Epiphany fire (Confirmed)

Confirmation Calendar 
Sundays 7 - 9 pm   

March 20:        Compline at St. Mark's

God Within: Holy Spirit

April 10:          Burning with the holy spirit without burning up.  
April 17:          Surviving and thriving  
April 21 & 22:  Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services  
May 1:             Creeds and Deeds
May 18:           Getting Confirmed with the Bishop