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Hey Everyone--

Oh wow--it's already Thursday.  Frankly, that's what I woke up thinking this morning--which means that I woke up thinking about kids.  Yours.  And mine, too.  I've said before that Thursday nights give huge shape to my work week.  An obvious reason for that is that if 20 or 30 (or 60 or 70!) adolescents are going to show up on your doorstep, one should be ready.  Really ready.  And, this being Thursday, we are ready again.  Tonight: "Faith in Love."  As in how do we trust love?  Can we?  No small thing to talk about.

And talking about it reminds me again about the mystery of kids.  I get glimpses into their lives--as we all do.  But within them is a life we don't yet know, and they probably barely glimpse.  That mystery is what I love about kids.  And I try to put my faith in that mystery.  Of course, that's far, far easier to do with "your" kids than it is with my own two--but I know it's that "yet to be" question that causes me to fall in love with all our kids.  I know Kathie feels the same way.  It's really something.

So, here we go.  Putting our faith in love.  On another Thursday.  Lucky us!

BTW: Next Week is another odd sort of week.  Winter break really begins Thursday afternoon and we know that many of you will be traveling--and many of you will be here.  Because of wide array of schedule conflicts, our groups won't meet next week.  We'll miss the kids, and my Thursday will feel a bit empty--but another one will roll around in just 7 days.