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Hey Everyone--

Yep, we are back!  I hope it was a lovely "break" for you and your kids and that maybe there is something good about this New Year.  That, in fact, is our theme this Thursday.  We'll be inviting the kids to consider their own "epiphanies" about themselves--self-realizations they would like to let go of, and self-discovery that they want to hold on to.  Of course it's a rich subject--and I'm looking forward to it.

Many of you may remember that this is also the night when we burn a Christmas Tree.  That, too, is something I look forward to.  It's actually quite a dramatic moment. We stand outside, in front of Grace, gathered in a circle, and we decorate the tree with our "epiphanies."  And then we light a match.  As you can guess, the trees blaze. 

So see you this Thursday--or at least we hope to see your kids.  Kathie and I met today to do our weekly planning, and we noted how much we miss seeing them!