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Hey Everyone--

Thank You!
As you may have heard, we had another very full Thursday night at Grace.  The early group had 33 kids, and the later group had 47 High School kids packed into the room.  And I just wanted to say that it was a really good night--at least from our perspective.  Both groups started with a bit of yoga in the Sanctuary.  Just breathing, and bending and "hands to prayer."  It worked!  In other words: it put us in a great mood!

We also watched a pretty touching video--which you'll find right here. And we asked the kids to talk not about what they saw, but how they felt about what they saw.  It was good.  And then we gave some money away--as a gift to someone else.  Just so you know, here's the organization we used and we gave away "one day" of my wages.  It was pretty enlightening.  A very funny moment came when we all realized that my "daily wage" is $357.00--and then someone asked: "Bill, what do you actually do for that money?"  At first I wanted to say "well, I hang out with you guys."  Which, of course, is true--but what I loved was that they didn't see hanging out with them as "a job."  Frankly, I don't either!  And I know Kathie feels the same way.

Lastly, we traded our White Elephant gifts.  I'm always amazed at how fun this is.  Or funny.  And how it creates a living example of how much we actually enjoy giving stuff away.  We finished by asking the kids to share what they would really like to give for Christmas--if they could actually give anything.  Again, lovely words from many hearts.

So, thanks for sharing them with us.  And for the huge labor of love that goes into feeding all of them.  We now take a little break for the holidays--and we won't be back on until January 13th--when, yes, we will once again set some Christmas trees on fire!