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Hey Guys--

Well gang--Todd has done the hard work of finding a date for our annual Christmas gathering.  Originally I couldn't pull off hosting it at my house, which has been our happy tradition over the last few years.  But, I've managed to re-arrange the schedule at home, and so we are changing the location and I'm inviting you all to mt place this Saturday, from 6-9.  It's the "usual"--enjoy each other, enjoy some food, laugh, enjoy some food, make connections, enjoy some food.

About that food: bring some.  Something on a plate.  Something hot or cold.  Get fancy.  Make something.  Impress us.  And if you can't bring something, or if getting creative with food just scares, come anyway.  Bring something to drink instead. We'll manage.  We are, after all, "men."

BTW: My house is on the South End, off Eagle Harbor Drive: 5836 Packard Lane.  Green house at the end of Packard Lane, with a steep driveway.  And of course, parking is limited (it's Bainbridge!), so if you can, park at the top of Packard Lane at Mack and Jack's auto service, and walk on down.  If walking is tough, we can squeeze some cars in at the house.  Just don't block the road or my neighbors will act less than neighborly!

I do look forward to sharing the place with you.  Pass the word along.  I'd like to hep us create an active list of Guys at Grace.  I know there are more of us than the emails we have captured. 

See you Saturday.  And if you can reply to let us know, that would be great.  Click right here to send Todd a reply.

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