Winter Newsletter | 2010/2011

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"Christmas is God's gift to us, over and over. It is Love, lived in a Body. It is Heaven come to Earth and staying right here. It is huge. And it is as focused as one human life. And it is here. Now."

(excerpt from "Dear Friends"  by Bill Harper,  in our Winter Newsletter)

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Advent Sundays: Making Space

In a season that is always crammed full, and where we long for time of open space, and open hearts, our Advent Sunday liturgies are designed to help make that space happen. We will begin each Sunday with honest quiet, after the Gathering Song and an opening reading and prayer. We'll try to be brave enough to let that quiet last a few minutes, with simple music supporting it.
 And then our readings will be limited to the Gospel lesson only, again allowing space and room for thoughtfulness without a flood of words and stories. Come these Advent Sundays prepared to make space in your life.

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