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Hey Everyone,

We're taking the high school kids to the movies! And to make it all work smoothly we need a little help from everyone.

You've all probably heard about Waiting for Superman. Its showing at the Lynwood and it will be good.
Hard. And Real. And somehow this seems important.

So we're making a plan.

Rite 13:
Bill and I will be at Grace as usual at 5:30. Bring your Rite 13 Middle Schooler as usual. We will feed them dinner and meet in the youth room as always. What we ask of you is that you pick them up promptly at 7:20 - if that's possible.

Alive and Well:
There will be dinner--but plan to come early, by 6:45. High School kids will eat first for a change. And then there will be driving. We know many of the older kids drive themselves, so after dinner we'll let them caravan to the theater.  We'll also load the Grace van with kids who didn't drive, and it will take off at 7:15. Anyone who doesn't fit or arrives late, will ride down a bit later with Bill once all the Rite 13 kids are picked up.

If you live closer to Lynwood than to Grace and just want to eat at home and meet us there, fantastic. That will make transportation easier. And if you respond to this and let us know what you're planning, we can pass the "new dinner numbers" on.

Thanks for helping make this happen! We're looking forward to this.