If your son or daughter is considering joining us, they could contact
Bill, Kathie or Ann with any concerns or questions. 
We'd love to talk with them and let them know what we're planning.



Dear Families,

We've been delighted with Grace community's curiosity about and interest in this class. There's a bit of excitement about this whole process for us.

As you might imagine our minds and hearts are full of your kids as we prepare for our first meeting.   Here they are!

Bryson Allen
Eli Bennett
Nathan Bombardier
Geoff Brelsford
Maya Edwards
Will Houser
Sean Kennedy
Rory Knottnerus
Trevor Knottnerus
Carolyn Milander
Olivia Moeller
Brad Russell

Lydia Weyand

If your daughter or son has decided they want to join in and you don't see their name here, please let us know! A few more eager participants are welcome. And once we begin, the group will begin to deepen its trust with one another so we won't be adding new people as we go along.

Our first time together is Sunday November 7th @ 7pm.

When we meet, we will have a few sweet treats to share but no dinner.
If you are able to arrive a few minutes before 7pm that would be wonderful.

Looking forward to gathering together in a few weeks,

With care,

PS Check out the final Schedule. Getting those dates into the family calendar would be so appreciated.

Will I keep wonder alive?                   Will I love well?                         Will I live well?

Confirmation Calendar and Outline
10 Sunday Nights, 7 - 9 pm (usually)
 plus a few special events

God Above

November 7:       Inexplicable
**November 14:   Awesome
  **We will begin at 6pm with a special service
November 21:     Nasty and Nosy       

Possible special event in November

God Beside: Jesus

February 6:      Is Love really all I need?
February 13:    Am I beloved?
February 27:    Love, Longing, Lusting
March 6:          Serve,  sacrifice, or martyr?

March 20:        Compline at St. Mark's

God Within: Holy Spirit

April 10:          Burning with the holy spirit without burning up.  
April 17:          Surviving and thriving

April 21 & 22:  Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services

May 1:             Creeds and Deeds

May 18:           Getting Confirmed with the Bishop