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Grace Weekend 2010 ~ Fort Worden

dare to dream

Yep! Grace at Home AND on the Beach this Sunday.

Grace will be Happening on Bainbridge and in Port Townsend (and likely all over this Blue Planet!). As happens every year, our worship at the Grace Weekend will be on the Beach at Fort Warden. Everyone is welcome to join us there-whether staying at Fort Warden or driving out on Sunday morning.  We'll meet at the top of the stairs heading down to the beach, at the end of our housing row.  We'll start about 9:15 (ish!).  And, there will still be two services that morning-intimate and friendly-on the home turf of GraceLand.  Enjoy the choices!

  >> Map of Fort Worden showing location of worship this Sunday
  >> Directions to Fort Worden.
  >> View/Download Welcome Booklet. (program and housing info)

Liturgy, Music & Arts

Living Liturgy

Regular Days Blending with HolyDays
Any given Sunday at Grace holds any number of graceful, living, sacred mo- ments. Regular Sundays are indeed Holidays and HolyDays. It's actually quite amazing the impact our Sunday gatherings have on us. We are comforted, inspired, welcomed, sometimes challenged and then sent into the world-to be good and do good. And then we repeat it all the next week. We come back and repeat because we need to-and want to. Of course there are also certain Sundays that somehow carry even more Grace. This Homecoming season brings with it several such days.

All Hallows' Eve
Sunday Worship October 31

Yes, Halloween is on a Sunday - reminding us that this day of crazed culture was first a Holy Day. We'll mark and note this Sunday with a unique liturgy of stories and songs. Ever heard the stories of the Witch of Endor, the Valley of Skulls and Bones, or the War in Heaven? Join us for a special, spooky, and spiritual Sunday morning celebration of All Hallow's Eve (Hallow- een morning). We will tell stories off the Bible's beaten path and sing songs as a creative way to prepare for All Saints, the following Sunday. And this is not "kids" only-these are real, powerful stories, touching down in our grown-up lives.
Special Note: Kids, Come in Costume to Church
on Halloween and Trick-Or Treat with Bill and Arienne.

All Saints' Day
Sunday Worship, November 7

This indeed is one of our truly graced Sundays. As is our tradition, the week between All Hallows' and All Saints' we will welcome with care your pictures of "those we love and see no more" so that we can see the Cloud of Witnesses that surrounds us. We are also inviting you to bring any tokens or small treasures that remind us of those saints we have loved. The tokens will be gathered on the altar when we worship on All Saints, and then blessed (and returned).
Special Note: Beginning October 17, You may start bringing in your photos of loved ones and tokens and treasures for All Saints' Sunday. Leave on the altar at the end of service or bring them to the Grace office during office hours, Tuesday - Friday, 9 am to 2 pm.

st. martins' image

On Sunday, November 14, at 6pm, Grace will celebrate the arrival of winter and the long dark evenings of the Advent season by celebrating the life and teachings of St. Martin. Our children most intuitively recognize and embrace the symbolic importance of bringing light into the darkest time of the year. They will construct hand-made lanterns and learn songs of the season during Godly Play classes. We will gather at Grace and together walk the paths of Graceland, singing songs of light and carrying beacons of light. We'll continue into the sanctuary and find an evergreen spiral. As we take our seats, we'll sit in quiet listening to music, spoken poetry and story. Then each of us will light and place a candle along the spiral path. After a final prayer, families may quietly leave. Those who wish to stay on to walk the spiral of light may do so. The evening will be a filled with wonder and light and will offer an opportunity to start a busy advent season peacefully and with quiet reflection for everyone. All are welcome.

Soul School

the galleryHungry Souls Fed Here         
Spirituality and Illness of the Body
Tuesday, October 26, 7 pm,
Grace Church, Walker Hall

While physical illness is a part of the incarnated life, we often view it as something purely medical.  Illness of the body necessarily shapes our emotional, social and spiritual lives. This Tuesday we will discuss questions like: How do illnesses of the body shape our spiritual lives? How should we respond to the sick in Christian community?  What do we learn about our relationship with God from the frailty we see in ourselves and those we love?
*Break* Tuesday November 2, 2010
All are invited to observe the ordination of the Rev. Karen Haig in Medina, WA. .

Grace Church is excited to announce :karen haig
The Rev. Karen Haig's Ordination to the Priesthood
Tuesday, November 2, 7 p.m., St. Thomas Medina.

Karen has been an active and long-time member of Grace Church and is a recent graduate of The Church Divinity School of the Pacific. She is now on the ministry team of St. Thomas, Medina. And will be ordained on Tuesday, November 2 at St. Thomas in Medina.
>> Click to Meet The Rev. Karen Haig
>> Click for directions to St. Thomas
>> Click to contact Karen

Congratulations Karen, we are proud of you!


Mom's Morning Retreat
Starting Thursday, November 4
Volunteers Needed

Mom's Morning Retreat is an inter-faith support program for mothers on Bainbridge Island and the surrounding community. Moms and their children are encouraged to attend our first meeting on Thursday, November 4, 9:30 am, at Grace. 
This group is supported by a Grace Outreach Grant. In addition to moms, the organizers are also looking for caring adults who would like to play with babies and little ones from time to time this year. It's easy, fun, and allows the moms precious time to focus on the meeting.
Mom's Morning Retreat will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, from 9:30-11am.  Meetings are open to mothers with children of all ages.  Children's programming includes stories, art, music and snack. For a registration packet or for information about volunteering, send an e-mail to: momsmorningretreat@gmail.com.

Bainbridge Island's Housing Resources Board
The Housing Resources Board (HRB) of Bainbridge Island is promoting its HomeShare program which matches people who have space available in their homes with people seeking housing. HRB provides support by screening applicants and matching them with local residents, which takes the burden off the homeowner and connects those seeking housing with resources they might not otherwise find and housing that is below market rate. More people have been taking advantage of this service as the economy has declined.
For information about HomeShare visit the HRB website at housingresourcesboard.org or call Penny Lamping at the HRB office - 206-842-1909, ext. 8.

An Ethiopian Thanksgivingethiopian celebration
Friday, November 19, 7 - 9 pm

Dennis Carlson and Beulah Downing want to invite you to an evening of thanksgiving for the continuing support the Grace community gives to our programs in Ethiopia.  There will be:  Sounds of Ethiopian Music; Tasty Ethiopian food - mild and spicy with injera; Stories and Pictures from the KEDS program and the Kossoye Project. Also books will be available for signing (Kossoye: Village Life in Ethiopia) written by Dennis and his son Andy. Mark your calendars for this wonderful evening at Grace, Friday, November 19, 7-9 pm.

Kids Happen

Fall Godly Play Scheduleretreat, 2008
The next few weeks will bring the Fall Retreat, Halloween (on a Sunday!) and the St. Martin's evening service. As a result there will be a few small changes to the Godly Play schedule.

Many of our community will be worshiping on a beach at Fort Worden on Sunday, October 24, as a part of the Fall Retreat. There will be Godly Play for the families who are here at Grace that morning, but we will meet as one group in the first classroom.  The following Sunday, October 3, the children will be in worship for a special liturgy as we prepare for All Saint's Sunday. Come in costume and Bill and Arienne might just have a special treat for you! Then on November 7, the children will start the service in the Godly Play classrooms working on those beautiful lanterns that are such a lovely part of the St. Martin's service. And plan now to come for the St. Martin's service on Sunday, November 14, at 6 pm. Give yourself the gift of this quiet, peaceful candlelit service that makes us stop for a moment and appreciate all that we have.

Place of Grace

Grace Memorial Wall & Garden
grace memorial wall and garden, oil by Pam Fermanis

Grace has plans to add a grove of cherry trees on the east and west side of the garden.  This will provide a bit of color in the spring, shade in the summer, and definition of the garden.
If you would like to provide a tree in memory of a loved one, now would be a good time to arrange this.  The committee suggests an engraved stone done by Molly Greist with a note for the loved one, which can be placed by the tree.
For more information or with any questions, please contact Della Ferguson, 206-842-2740, or djfagate@aol.com

Moving Towards Zero Waste in the Grace KitchenE&S Logo
There are now two bins under the our kitchen counter - one for recyclables, and one for trash - as well as a plastic tub on the counter for compost. The system is really simple, thanks to recent changes in what Bainbridge Disposal accepts for compost:
All food waste, as well as soiled paper (napkins, paper towels, non-plastic food wrapping) can go into the compost bucket.  Wax-coated paper can go in, but not plastisized paper (some cups and plates).

Aluminum cans, tin cans, glass, plastic bottles (and caps), clean paper, and round plastic tubs can go into the recycling container.  Plastic lids can't go in yet.

Everything else goes into the trash bin and this is what ends up filling the landfill. Let's see if we can reduce what's in the bin as much as possible (like to zero!!)

Want to know more?  Ask Marcy, 842-8942 or Ruth, 842-2774 or visit >> sustainablebainbridge.org

Communities of Grace

In Gratiude for Those Who Have Come Before Us
Interfaith Thanksgiving at Grace

Tuesday, November 23, 7 pm

Join with neighbors of many faith traditions in the annual Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 7 pm at Grace  "In Gratitude For Those Who Have Come Before Us."  All faiths and ages are welcome, and the service includes hymns, prayers, silent meditation, reflections, choral and solo music from many local faith groups and traditions. There will be a special collection for the Japanese-American Internment Memorial on Bainbridge Island.  Refreshments and fellowship will follow the service.  If you can, please also bring donations of nonperishable food for Helpline House and Fishline.  Preschool nursery care will be available.  

Sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap