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Soul School

the gallery

Hungry Souls Fed Here         
This fall season, Associate Vicar Arienne Davison is leading Tuesdays at Grace Series. Each theme will each focus on a specific everyday challenge to living a faithful Christian life. Each Tuesday will include time for discussion of how daily practices can enrich our relationship with God, our families, and our communities.
Spirituality, Values and Money

October 12 & 19, 7 pm, Grace Church, Walker Hall

How does my budget reflect my spirituality and values? How can families teach values around money to children? How can families begin discussions about money that involve aging parents or adult children?

Grace Women's Book Group
NPR Correspondent
Barbara Bradley Haggerty

Sundays on Oct 17 & Nov 7
8 am in the Grace Living Room

The Women's Book Group will be continuing to discuss Fingerprints of God by NPR Correspondent Barbara Bradley Haggerty, meeting October 17 and November 7 in the Living Room at 8 am. We are finding the well written discussion of brain chemistry and spirituality fascinating
and welcome all comers. And as an added bonus, Eagle Harbor Books
offers a 15% discount to those buying the book club title.  You simply need to identify yourself as a Grace Women's Book Group member to receive the discount - a great way to help keep our local bookstore vital.  Dallas Young


Open Meeting

Sunday, Oct 10, 2010
Whether you've been attending Grace Church for years or this is your first visit, please come to the next Outreach meeting on October 10th following the 9:30AM service in the classroom side of Walker Hall.  Let your thoughts be known as to the direction Grace Outreach should take.  See you there!

Mom's Morning Retreat- Sneak Peek
Wednesday, October 13th, 7pm
The Grace Outreach Group is pleased to be supporting a new program to be held at Grace - Mom's Morning Retreat. Mom's Morning Retreat is an interfaith support program for mothers on Bainbridge Island and the surrounding community. We are celebrating with a sneak peek on Wednesday, October 13 at 7pm. The group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, from 9:30-11:00am beginning November 4. Meetings are open to mothers with children of all ages.
For a registration packet or more information, be sure to attend our sneak preview evening or send an email to: momsmorningretreat@gmail.com

Needs for Helpline House/Grace Food Basket

Specific needs this month are:
tea and coffee, soy milk, feminine napkins, toiletries - even if only the sample size from hotels.

Helpline stressed that people can't buy these items with the food money they get from the state, so toiletries don't last long on the shelves there. The Food Basket is right by the name tag "tree" at Grace, waiting for your donations!

HANNAHRun of Hope Update
Hannah's Hopeful Hearts

by Reba Ferguson from CaringBridge

Thanks to all of the HHH friends and families for making the Run of Hope for pediatric brain tumor research a great success!  I was honored and impressed that so many of you gave of your time and money to support this cause. HERE'S THE BIG NEWS:  Our little HHH team has done much more than that this year for brain tumor research at the Olson Lab. We raised over $11,000 for the Run of Hope, over $110,000 from the HHH fundraiser in March (at Grace)  AND, Children's Hospital has received over $32,000 in memorial donations since Hannah passed away.  Wow, Bill and I were blown away by that number.  So, simple math - Hannah's Hopeful Hearts has contributed over $153,000 towards the big goal of making sure kids in the future don't have to suffer and die the way Hannah did from a brain tumor.  Remembering Hannah smiling and so excited during the paddle call at HHH, when so much money was raised, I know she is very happy now to see what we have accomplished towards finding a cure for these kids.

Liturgy, Music & Arts

the gallery

Now in The Gallery at Grace:

Revealing Nature, Concealing Art
 Works by Kathleen McKeehen

Through October 2010 in the Gallery at Grace

Kids Happen

Faithful Parenting
Sunday, October 17, 4-6pm
Parenting is an incredibly awe-inspiring and daunting responsibility. It can fill us with great joy and deep despair. In our desire to get it right, we read parenting books. We attend parenting workshops. We talk to our friends. And yet we still have doubts. Does our faith offer us any practical wisdom? Or just more questions?  
Faithful Parenting returns this year to help with all the difficult questions and concerns that come with one of the toughest jobs we ever do. Bill Harper and Debbie Rimkus will provide some lovely desserts and some time to wonder together about how to parent with humor, with insight, with patience and with faith. There will be special activities and a snack for the children. Join us on Sunday, October 17th, at 4pm as we question and parent together.

Place of Grace

Grace Memorial Wall & Garden
grace memorial wall and garden, oil by Pam Fermanis

 Spiritual faith is a journey (at least for most of us).  At grace, the journey begins with the baptismal font in the front.  It continues through the building which can and does encompass services, classes, music, gatherings and more.  The Memorial Wall on the south side of Grace is one more step (and usually our last) in our faith journey.             
The garden next to the niches on the south side of Grace is designed to be a restful, contemplative place for all members of Grace.  A place to remember our loved ones, but also a spot to enjoy the fountain, the plants and a bit of peace.
The landscape committee is soon to add a grove of cherry trees on the east and west side of the garden.  This will provide a bit of color in the spring, shade in the summer, and definition of the garden.
If you would like to provide a tree in memory of a loved one, now would be a good time to arrange this.  The committee suggests an engraved stone done by Molly Greist with a note for the loved one, which can be placed by the tree.
For more information or with any questions, please contact Della Ferguson, 206-842-2740, or djfagate@aol.com

House Keepinglots of dishes
The Grace kitchen is overflowing these days with platters/bowls/trays, etc. left over from Sunday morning coffee hour, youth night, memorials, etc.
Please stop by Walker Hall on Sunday and see if any of these "left-behinds" belong to you. We will be donating any dishes left after Sunday (10/10) to a local charity. Thank you.

Communities of Grace

Help for Haiti:

Dioceses of Olympia,
Red Thread Promise rally

to rebuild special needs facility in Port-au

It's been nine months since the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. But the physical and psychological rubble left by the natural disaster lingers for some of the country's most needy, namely the young people who rely on the St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children School and Medical Facility.

To support the children and restore their hope and dignity, the Diocese of Olympia, Diocese of Louisiana and St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Lakeview), New Orleans, announced a new partnership with the Red Thread Promise, a 501(c)(3) organization based in New Orleans. READ MORE

The Reverend Randal Gardner's 25th Anniversary
The Reverend Randal Gardner, who was ordained priest in 1985 at St. Barnabas, will be marking the 25th anniversary of his ordination in October. He is currently rector of St. James by the Sea in La Jolla, CA. Cards/notes of good wishes and congratulations can be sent to one of his staff members who will make a presentation at the surprise celebration on October 12th.  Send your good wishes to:

Chris Bernard
1235 Via Barranca
La Jolla, CA  92307
(Please Note on the bottom left hand corner of the envelope:  for Randal Gardner)