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Join us for a very special evening at Grace:
Zedashe Ensemble

Folk Music & Dance from the Republic of Georgia
Live at Grace
Saturday, October 2, 7:30pm

$15/$10 students

Hailing from the Republic of Georgia, the Zedashe Ensemble presents a concert of traditional Georgian music, both secular and religious featuring the (ancient) haunting three-part harmony unique to the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. Returning for their third US tour, Zedashe Ensemble will perform in eight states across the country to commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary of Georgian independence with an evening of song and dance. In addition to the collection and preservation of songs, Zedashe is also dedicated to documenting the context in which the songs were traditionally sung and maintaining the threads which bound song and dance to every-day life. Zedashe's tour is organized by Village Harmony, a world music umbrella organization, and it is sponsored by a generous grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding which promotes cultural exchange between the US and Eastern European artists.

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What They're Saying:

New York Times: Arts
Sacred Chants Reverberating Once Again

Sacred music, an integral part of Georgian music, is rebounding after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Read the Article at The New York Times>>

Comments from audiences and workshop participants

"Georgian song changed my life. The haunting qualities and direct connection to the heart... it's irresistible. Georgia is all about community; my first visit (so far!) allowed me to forge strong connections with our Georgian hosts, and has lead to the formation of a local Georgian trio."
- Silvio Eberhardt, Williamstown, MA

"Beware Zedashe. Their impeccable tuning and the casual air with which they deliver small choral gems to your unbelieving ears will, at the very least, afford you glimpses of the High Caucasus in the times of warrior knights and mountain fortresses. Singing with Zedashe in Georgia changed my life.... It could happen to anyone."
-Susan Miller-Coulter, Burlington, VT

"I can say that whenever a member of Zedashe opens their mouth, a cathedral-worth of sound comes out!"
- Sarah Burghardt, Grinnell College, Iowa

"From the first moment you hear Georgian music, it draws you in. When you hear the group Zedashe in concert, you immediately find yourself in the presence of individuals who treasure the rich culture and history of Georgia - expressing the beauty of their people, heritage, and nation through music and dance. The experience is captivating."
- David Lucs, New York City