Dear Parents,

"Into this mysterious river I pray
that we do not turn every
thing we touch into us."

You've heard from Bill about our  newly imagined Confirmation process for High School kids at Grace.  And you know that we are hosting an informational conversation (no decisions need to be made) this Sunday evening at 7pm.

In light of that, I wanted to share a piece of my story - why I'm so drawn to helping kids unearth a faith and spirituality that works for them.

A short story
I came to the church through vivid experiences. These compelled me to grapple with what makes sense to me about God.
Which led me to think about the Creed we say each week. Did it say what I felt to be true?  Over time I wrote a Creed that carefully and tenderly said what I needed to say.

A little background
When we began conceptualizing this series, I went back to the Creeds. We think of them as describing the many aspects of God. They also describe the rich complexity of human experience. Its from the Creeds that these questions arose:

    Will I keep wonder alive?
    Will I love well?
    Will I live well?

Possible outcomes
No matter what your son or daughter decides at the end of this series, I'm pretty certain their understanding of Christianity will change. I'm also certain they will know themselves in a new way.

Calendar and Outline
Bill and I have worked up a draft calendar and schedule that clarifies both direction and commitment.  There will likely be some schedule adjustments based on the particular needs of those involved, but we've tried to set this up in way that creates connection and continuity, without burdening other schedules and plans - yet knowing how challenging that is.

Proposed (n o t   f i n a l ) Calendar and Outline
Know that when we say "Let's talk about God" we also mean "Let's breathe and feel and imagine God". 

Awe, Wonder and Why

November 7: Let's talk about God: awesome
November 14: Let's talk about God: inexplicable
November 21: Let's talk about God: nasty and nosy       

Special Event: Tuesday, November 16: Prepare and serve the evening meal for  homeless folk @ Tent City, at the Cathedral.

Love.  Lovers.  Beloved.

February 6: Let's talk about Jesus: Is Love really all I need?
February 13: Let's talk about Jesus: Am I beloved?
February 27: Let's talk about Jesus:   Love, Longing, Lusting
March 6: Let's get it right: Are we to serve, to sacrifice, or to martyr?

Special Event: March 20 Compline at St. Mark's

Live.  Live Well.  Live Good.

April 10: Let's talk about burning with the holy spirit. But not burning up.  
April 17: Let's talk about surviving and thriving
May 1: Let's say and do what we believe: Creeds and Deeds

Special Event: Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services
May 18:  Getting Confirmed. (this date is final)


Just come, decide later

Living and working with teenagers - especially the bigger ones - we know getting them to do something we want them to do isn't always easy. Bill and I have both sent them invitations via facebook - just so you know.

Please let Bill or me know if you' ll be joining us tomorrow evening, October 3rd @ 7pm for pizza and a little fun and a little more information. Come and enjoy the evening - make up your mind later.

We are inviting your daughters and sons into a process of discovery. We have about 8 inquiries from our community, we would love just a few more.  

With care,
Kathie or  

Poetry by Mark Nepo