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Hey All--

Click here.  Really.  No matter what words follow, you'll be glad you did.  Click first and then read.  (Note: if you're at work when you click, well turn your volume down a bit or stick some ear buds in.  Or turn it up and let a crowd gather!)

Anyway, now you get the point.  And thank the lord of technology that someone saves this stuff so we can share it!

We can lean on each other.  Or we could.  And this note is a simple request,obviously packaged with some inspiration.  As I think many of you know, Grace maintains a pastoral fund that we use to help people--mostly people in the Grace family--who find themselves in need of some short-term financial support.  We've done car repairs and paid rent; we've helped with pre-school tuition and books for college; we've paid phone bills and utility bills; we've filled gas tanks and bought ferry tickets.  Yes, this simple gifts have made a real difference, and it helps so much to know that Grace can help.  That we can be both generous and spontaneous--and simply say "yes." When we give the money away we don't ask questions and we don't want pay back.  We want to pay it all forward.

This pastoral fund--the Phinney Fund, actually--is not supported through our regular operating budget.  Instead, it works through spontaneous gifts of gratitude.  The amount doesn't matter.  It's simply about the intention--and a desire to help people.  Simple as that.  And yes, I'm writing about this because the fund is empty.  It hasn't been empty for years, but then again these last few years have been unlike many others.  So the need is real and the time is right.  If you can help, thank you.  Contributions can be made to Grace, noted for the Phinney Fund.  Yes, tax deductible and all that.  No overhead or administration costs.  etc. You won't hear much about what happens with the dollars, but you can know Grace Happened.  And will happen again.

Thanks for letting me take this little moment to lean on you.

And now, is that song stuck in your head?  Try this version.  O come one--it's only 4 minutes!  Turn up the volume and smile with "Glee!"

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