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Hey Everyone--

Quite an Evening!
Well, that was really something!  While it's always great to see so many kids on a Thursday night, when I counted 75 at dinner I was amazed, and really, really grateful.  To the parents who cooked served: Thank You So Much!  Those are hungry and happy kids, and you fed them with plenty and with grace.

For those that can help with future meals, follow this link.

And lastly, while we won't be sending an email after each Thursday, I really do want to say that we had 2 great groups last night, and we spent our time talking about the challenges of being "real" and the daily temptations to "fake it" as we try to get to know each other and ourselves.  We watched a short clip from a fabulous movie--City Island--about a family where each person is sitting on a secret and afraid to let out.  And so, they have to "fake" their individual lives.  It's a good story, and we'll show one more clip from it next week. BTW: it is a "Restricted" movie, but we managed careful clip selection and editing.  We also watched a wonderful music video that celebrates the stuff that unites us even as we celebrate our differences and diversity.  If you want to see it you can check it right here.