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Hi Parents,

Our family is pretty excited that youth group - the Rite 13 and Alive and Well groups - are starting up next week, September 23.  Our part of this is to FEED THEM. 

In response to Bill's message last week, a few of you have already "signed up" for a date, including this week, September 23.  We could use a couple more people, because we're thinking we'll have between 50 and 60 kids.

Helping out with dinner isn't hard.  The dinner crew decides who's bringing what, who's helping set up and clean-up.  Costs are split up. Some nights work best buying pizza delivery; other weeks its tacos, or pasta, or sandwiches to fill the menu. The meals don't need to be elaborate. Round it out with simple salads or carrot sticks, milk and water, and don't forget some desert! The kids eat it up, literally.

The 1st Thursday of the month, there's no meeting at Grace, so no dinner.  The 3rd Thursday, Streets of Seattle uses the kitchen to prepare dinner for the homeless, so our meal needs to be delivered pretty much ready to go - pizza delivery or cooked completely at home. 

Last year, Susan Marie and I played around with some on-line scheduling options.  My ideal is an on-line calendar that all of you can see and sign yourselves up on!  I'm still looking into that, but for now, you can reply to this email, and let me know if you are available to help out in the next few weeks:

Sept 23
Sept 30
Oct 14
Oct 21
Oct 28

Thanks to you all
Mary Kay Dolejsi