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           Notes from the Vicar of Grace
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The Rev. Bill Harper

Hi All--

First of all, thanks for taking the time to be together on Tuesday night.  I truly enjoyed the company and the conversation. 

I wanted to add 2 simple details about Sunday morning:

First, let's plan to meet by 9 in the Living Room.  The Bishop will join us there, and we'll go over practical details and talk with him a bit.

Secondly, the Bishop asked that rather than index cards with names, he would prefer that each of you wears a name tag.  Hopefully we can find all of them/you!

That said, in an email conversation with Greg today I noted that he should expect a large group.  He replied that he is trying to make these experiences as personal as he can, and he has started asking those re-affirming and being received to send him a personal note/email telling him something of the "why" behind the decision to take this step.  In essence, he wants to know something of what we talked about together on Tuesday night.  It seems like a rich idea, and a way to build connections.  And so, I'm hoping that even with this short notice you might find a way to send him a short email sharing with him whatever pieces of this faith journey you feel comfortable offering.  His email address is: GRickel@ecww.org.  Go ahead--be brave!  Short and sweet is fine--as is a long autobiography!

And see you Sunday!

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