" H e y   A l l "
           Notes from the Vicar of Grace
              inclusion service discovery gratitude
The Rev. Bill Harper

Hey All--

"I'm a Christian."

"I'm not."

"I'm a Muslim."

"I'm a Bhuddist."

"I'm . . . "

Well, what do you say?  We shy away, it seems, when asked.  I know there are lots of reasons for that, and still . . . I guess I'd like us to worry less, fear less, and simply come out of our closets.

 "Yes, I believe." 

"Yes, I'm a Christian."

"Yes, I follow Jesus."

 I'm not worried about what that means to you--I just know what it means to me.  Isn't that enough?  I know, it's hard.  But if you want some beautiful encouragement, check out this: here are people brave enough not only to proclaim their faith, but also to say that there are Episcopalians.  Imagine that!  And you'll find a Gracie in the mix.  Go ahead: click and scroll!

I once had some "business cards" printed that had these words:

I am a Christian

One of many varieties (mine is the Episcopal Tradition)

I am a unique child of God

Through the Grace of God's Spirit

And the through the life of Jesus

I want to live my life based on four simple words

Inclusion, Service, Discovery, Gratitude

I am not perfect and I will not pretend to be

Still, I am loved by God

I will, in my life, return that love to all Creation


It was an attempt, I suppose, to explain myself.  To identify and celebrate, without trying to justify.  I want to invite us to do the same. When the Bishop visits Grace, on Sunday, June 27th, many of us will have the chance to stand up, stand before him, and say "Yep, this is me.  This is my faith.  These are my people."  If you want to be one of those folk, let me know.  On Tuesday, June 22nd, I'm hosting a dinner at Grace for any and all who want try on the idea.  I'm hoping we'll try it on, and wear it well.  Let me know if you'd like to join me, out of the closet!

PS and BTW:  Great Big Rummage Sale.  At Grace.  Right Now!  Come and spend and support! By stuff to put in the closet now that you're out of it!

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