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The Rev. Bill Harper

Dear Friends--


New Associate Called to Grace!

I am so pleased-and truly excited-to announce that the Rev. Arienne Sui Ling Davison has accepted the call to be our new Associate for Pastoral Care, Outreach and Faith Formation.  Our Human Resources Group, under the graceful leadership of Dallas Young, recommended Arienne to me with glad enthusiasm, and in my conversations with her I too came to see the gifts and qualities that she will bring to Grace.  She is a graduate of the University of Washington (Bachelor of Science, Psychology, 2002), and has her Master of Divinity (2007) from Virginia Theological Seminary.  Since her ordination she has served as the Associate for Family Ministry at Emmanuel Church, Mercer Island, and I'm delighted that she and her husband, Doug, will now be calling Bainbridge Island their home.  They are already looking for an apartment on the Island and are eager to discover all the people, places and things that make Bainbridge and North Kitsap a place we love.  (Ah, is there anything like a "first summer" on Bainbridge?  Farmer's Market, 4th of July!)

Arienne will begin work at Grace by the middle of June, and we will formally bless her ministry with us when Bishop Rickel visits on June 27th.  Over the course of the SummerArienne will have the chance to experience the regular rhythms of life at Grace-hopefully at a pace that will allow her to get to know many of us personally and warmly.  I think that she is a faithful listener and gentle pastor.  I hope you will have the chance to experience those gifts. 

Our Summer Newsletter will provide more details about her particular ministry focus at Grace, along with her own letter of introduction.  What's important to note now is that she will be a priest and pastor among us-bringing grace to Grace.  I know that we will find many ways to welcome Arienne to our community and to Bainbridge Island, and I'll enjoy witnessing all the ways that this new relationship will touch our lives. 

Lastly, I am very, very grateful to Dallas, and the Search Committee she formed.  They interviewed four wonderful applicants and did the careful and prayerful work of discernment.  Thanks to their efforts, and thanks to Arienne's glad acceptance, Grace will be able to take this long imagined step.  As I said, I am so pleased-and just plain happy!

BTW: if you know of good, affordable housing opportunities,let me know right away!

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