Hey Everyone--

Yep, We're Done! (But it's not Over)
Honestly, I hate to say it.  This is indeed out last Thursday for Rite 13 and Alive and Well.  Kathie, Michele and I met yesterday to talk about how we might sum the year up--but we we mostly talked about was the life and energy your kids bring us.  And so we'll miss them.  Of course we expect to see most of them again in September--except for our amazing Seniors.  And we'll miss them--a lot.  Some of them we have known a long, long time.  Personally, this is that time of the year when I look around the room and start to imagine this year's 8th graders as Seniors--and it is so wonderful to picture these years ahead.  And I think about how our current 6th graders are just two steps from the 8th grade.  It's a remarkable thing to be connected to kids--and to treasure their futures.  We hope to see lots of kids this week--just to say hello and goodbye all at once.

Looking Back and Forward
I loved our theme for Thursdays.  "Dream. Think. Be. Do. (Heart. Mind. Soul. Strength.)" I never know if the kids sense much continuity from week to week--I try not to worry about it.  They just seem to enjoy being there.  And the food.  But this year I just kept hoping for stuff to sink in.  We're not trying to teach--we just want to nurture, and inspire, in whatever way we can.  And yet, if we can help our kids live with those 8 words, and find the root of them in their lives, then we've done something that matters.  We're hopeful.  And next year, we have hopes to take up right we left off--and even go a bit deeper, and challenge kids to experience just a bit more.

Lastly, Seniors
On Sunday, June 6th, we want to bless them and encourage them at the 9:30 service. If you have a Senior, try to get them out the door and to church.  If your kids are younger, bring them along to see how this moment feels.  We are also changing the date for the Senior Dinner in order to accommodate the very full schedules they have right now.  We're hoping for dinner on Thursday, June 10th--and failing that, a wonderful brunch that day.  Let us know as soon as you can.

Again, as always, thanks for trusting us with your kids.  We think they are great!


Oh yes, one last word: To all of you who worked so hard to make sure we ate so well each week, thank you!  I know it is no easy to feed all those kids, all at once.  And yet you did.  And it was great.  Mary Kay deserves our deep thanks for keeping us all scheduled and faithful--and making sure there would always be food.

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