Hey Everyone--

Yep, Just a Couple of Thursdays Left!
The "Spring Season" usually catches me off-guard.  I forget that activity levels really, really rise.  And we all get a little nuts.  And our kids feel it.  A few years back we decided that the best thing Grace could do for our kids at this time of year is to end the Youth Group year by the middle of May--just to create some breathing space.  A little space, at least.  So we'll meet this week; then next week, the first Thursday of May, Jrs and Srs will have their usual gathering at Bainbridge Bakers; and then on May 13th we meet for the last time this year.  I'll save some thoughts about the year for then--except to say that I'd do this 12 months a year if we could all manage it.  Being with kids--your kids--is one of the lovely, challenging, amazing parts of my job.  They are beautiful--even when they overwhelm us with their energy.  Especially then!

And Looking Ahead?
Well, I'll say some more about this in May, but Kathie and Michele and I have already started to talk about plans for next Fall.  As many of you know, Grace will soon be hiring a second, full-time priest/pastor, which is a huge step for the congregation.  And an exciting one.  One of my great hopes is that having another pastor to share the work with will help free up just a bit more time for me to spend more time deepening and building our Youth Program.  We're already talking about regular Sunday Night "church" just for kids.  Time will tell--but we want you to know that kid work is an essential part of our mission at Grace. 

Lastly, Seniors
Oh yeah.  We'll be saying bigger "good-byes" to some of the gang.  We've been able to watch many of these guys grow and change and deepen their lives.  Honestly, the kids we know in the Class of 2010 are amazing.  So on Sunday, June 6th, we want to bless them and encourage them at the 9:30 service. If you have a Senior, try to get them out the door and to church.  If your kids are younger, bring them along to see how this moment feels.  And then that night, we'll be taking the Seniors out to dinner.  So, well, get that on the calendar too.  And yep, Baccalaureate is that day, too.  Geez.  I've been honored to be the speaker for that annual service--which I'm really looking forward to.  But Lordy, things will be busy for all of us.  Like I said--it's the Spring Season.


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