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           Notes from the Vicar of Grace
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The Rev. Bill Harper

Hey All.


"Come on up for the Rising!"

It may feel like February, but Easter indeed is here--so let's get together tomorrow and celebrate.  Let's practice hope and resurrection and one more chance to be born again.  It's been a quiet, candle-lit Holy Week and now it's time to make that Place of Grace sing and dance.  And if you need a lot of practice--well, we've got 3 wonderful services.

At 6 you'll find story and candles and a powerful sunrise service.

At 9 you'll find family and song and confident hope.

At 11 you'll find the same thing--just  a bit later.

Kids will be in church the whole service, just where we like them!  The Nursery will be open.  The parking lot will be full.  We'll be here--so,

"Come on up for the Rising!"

And if you can't get that Winter chill out of your soul, then try on this Easter poem by Lucille Clifton--it will roll away the Stone:

God send Easter

and we will lace the
jungle on
and step out
brilliant as birds
against the concrete country
feathers waving as we
dance toward jesus
sun reflecting mango
and apple as we
glory in our skin.

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