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The Rev. Bill Harper

Hey All.

"There's always a lot of things wrong with the world.  Unfortunately, it's the only world we've got.  So we live with it."

                    Warren Buffet, quoted in Harper's Magazine, January 2010

"Wasting away again in Margaritaville."

                     Jimmy Buffet, quoted everywhere


Well, I'm trying not to be over-reactive.  I don't want to be dramatic (I have some "drama queen" tendencies).  I'd like to be thoughtful, thinking ahead; I want to keep the big picture in front of me and stay inspired and hopeful.  But shoot, there's a lot wrong with the world, isn't there?  And yes, of course most of the planet is far better off than folk were in 14th c. Europe as disease spread everywhere--and people were nothing but helpless and heartbroken.  Still, today-there is so much wealth and health, and so many don't have access to either. In the face of that (and so much more), we either seem to accept it as the way things are (Buffet, Warren); or we dull our senses and look away (Buffet, Jimmy).


There is, however, another way.  We know that-and yet it's good to be reminded.  I'm trying to remind myself right now.  The world can be better.  Followers of Jesus are, in the end, "believers" in something more--believers that we can do more than just "live with" the world.  We can change it.  For my part, right now, as a Christian, I simply will not let shallow, cynical, manipulative people and thoughts to go unchallenged.  I will ask myself, and others, to think and act with care and effort-and to see beyond sound bites and spin.  That's a place to start.  And then, I'm trying to remember-or see-the big picture: that human spirit and goodness are not accidental; that forgiveness is a choice I can make every day; that people-every single individual-are holy and sacred and worthy of life and health and wholeness.  And people who say otherwise; who treat people in ways that demean or diminish them; or who simply will not be respectful of the "other"-people like that should be challenged and invited to step up to a better place.  That's that.  I won't live with cynical dismissals anymore!


Oh, and every person should have enough food, a chance to heal, a roof, some sense of safety, and love.  That's the world I'm hoping for, and I'm trying not just to believe in it, but to work for it. 


Now I like both Warren and Jimmy.  And I've used their words a bit out of context and as something of a leverage point.  Heck, they've both done some good.  But I want more.  We need more.  Here's another perspective, another view.  Click, listen, watch.  Yes, it's YouTube, but try it.  It's today's invitation to something more, and better, for our world.  We simply can't give up.   So don't.

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