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  Grace Church Bainbridge Island
January 12, special edition eNews

Blood Drive Information |

Godly Play moms

All Blood Types needed. Emergency level of B Negative, less than a one day supply; Alert level of A Positive, O Negative and AB Negative, less than a two day supply. Your help is requested.

The Next Blood Drive at Grace is:
Monday, January 18, 2010 at Grace Church, 10 am to 4 pm. (closed for lunch 1-1:45)
Contact the Grace Office, 842.9997 X17 to schedule a time to donate. Thank you!

Soul School |

Tuesdays at Grace Presents:
Godly Play momsEmbodied Spirituality
Two evenings with Sharon Stanley
January 12 and 19, 7pm Grace Church
Ancient wisdom holds the unity of the mind and body. Returning to an embodied spiritual practice allows us access to healing ourselves, our relationships, and our world.  When the relationship of our mind and body are balanced, we gain an inner sense of well-being and a grace-filled life in the world. Through Scripture, poetry, and sound, Sharon Stanley will lead us in exploring mind-body unity.  Sharon is a Grace member and practicing psychologist, whose earliest work was in spiritual direction within the Jesuit community.

Miracle & Mystery with Brian Doyle
Saturday January 23, Grace Church

Register this Sunday after the 9:30 service for Soul School's second annual winter workshop, Saturday January 23 with author Brian Doyle, from Portland, Oregon. Brian is the editor of Portland Magazine, an award-winning publication of the University of Portland. Brian is a widely published essayist whose writing conveys humor, joy, and faith gleaned from his roles as husband, father, author, and editor. What a fabulous experience this promises to be! Child care is available; let us know in advance if possible.

    9:30am-1pm: Workshop (readings and written reflections)
      ($25 registration fee, includes lunch)
     2-3pm: Book Reading (no charge)

For more information, contact Mickie Stowell at or Patty Molloy.

"I believe that there is a mysterious and graceful and miraculous Coherence stitched through this world.
"I believe that this life is an extraordinary gift, a blink of bright light between vast darknesses.
"I believe that the fingerprints of the Maker are everywhere: children, hawks, water.
"I believe that even sadness and tragedy and evil are part of that Mind we cannot comprehend
but only thank, a Mind especially to be thanked, oddly, when it is most inscrutable...
"I believe that everything is prayer...
"I believe that love is our greatest and hardest work."

Excerpt From Leaping Revelations and Epiphanies
Brian Doyle, Loyola Press 08/03