" H e y   A l l "
           Notes from the Vicar of Grace
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The Rev. Bill Harper

Hey All.

O Yes!

O No!

O My!

O Dear!

O! O! O!

At our service last Sunday night I said that "O!" could well be the first word of faith; the first religious word; the first word of ritual.  "O my, did you see that?"  "O, look at how beautiful she is!"  "O no, please, don't let him die."  Therein is faith, hope, trust in something we can barely imagine, and yet can speak to with ease.  "O please, God, let there be peace. Hope. Love.  Let her live.  Give him purpose."  It's all one big prayer, even if that one word only whispers  through us like a breath.  St. Paul said that we pray without even knowing it, and I think that every "O" is an unknown prayer from the heart.

O Please!

O Thank You!

Feel your prayers today.  Put a hand over your heart, feel that simple beat, and whisper the word.  And if you need more inspiration, page through the prayers and poems in the artful bulletin from Sunday night's "O Antiphon" service.   O, it was a good night to be at Grace-to sing, and to pray, and to hope.

And an Important PostScript:

You may have heard that we suffered some frozen pipes and water damage at Grace.  And we did.  Water pouring through light fixtures in the office and in the Women's Restroom.  Three different pipe breaks and sprinkler heads blowing.  There was some drama as we frantically tried to protect computers and copiers.  The damage is done, and is being fixed.  Ceilings and walls are torn out, new pipes going in, new (warmer!) insulation.  Insurance companies engaged.  The short-term pain is that the front office is out of service and we are less responsive than we like to be, especially without Candee's bright smile greeting folk as they come through the door.  We'll be grateful for your patience and understanding.  Phones and email are slowed as we share office space.  Publications delayed a bit. The long term problem?  There isn't one!  O my, and O Good!

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