Parents of Teens @ Grace:   TONIGHT is our second conversation about Dreams (our kids', our own)
7:15 for goodies
Looking forward to sitting together.

We'll check in to the Parents of Teens NING as well. Here's the instructions again:

If you go to the Grace website, and look across the headings in white on top, at the far right you'll see "grace networks". Hover over "grace networks" until the list of all the different "nings" (networks) drops down. Click on "Parents of Teens". Or you can go there directly:

Before you can actually get there (which tells you how private this is) you'll have to be "approved" by Bill or I - which should easily happen within 24 hrs. Then you are a member and can get into the site. Once you're there, it's good to "friend" anyone else who is there so you can communicate with one another within the site. If you're new to this version of "friending" someone. It just means you are willing to communicate with them within this private network.

We will spend some more time exploring this together next time we meet. But we'd love it if everyone at least joins between now and then so we can start from there. And of course, feel free to ask questions if you have them. My email is

And if all this comes easily to you and you want to share something on the site - a thought (post as a blog), a YouTube, photos......please DO! We built if for you!

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