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 Pledge Campaign for 2010
Grace is Pledging  
Update: October 29, 2009

Dear Fellow Members of the Grace Community,

The purpose of this message is to bring all e-mail users in our midst up to date on the status of the 2009 Pledge Campaign, to thank all who have made their commitment and to persuade all who have not yet pledged that it is important for them to do so.

The Status of the Campaign: Pledges Received
As of 10 a.m. this morning, Grace Church has received a total of 65 pledges totaling $189,494. 

As users of the on-line Pledge Form know, I have personally acknowledged all online pledges within minutes of recording them.  Acknowledgements to parishioners who have submitted printed pledge cards are in the works.

As promised in my letter of mid-October, the amounts of individual pledges are being treated within Grace's "tradition of confidentiality."  Throughout this first phase of the Campaign-mid-October through November 5-I am the only person who is familiar with individual pledge amounts.  (After the Campaign is concluded, pledge information will be available only to the Treasurer and the Bookkeeper.)

Our grateful thanks to all who have pledged
during the first phase of the Campaign

A Word of Encouragement
It is wonderful to have received so many pledges and reached such a total in this short time and without the huge effort and expense of producing, double-checking, collating and distributing mountains of Campaign literature.

Still, we are only part of the way to full participation of the Grace Community in committing to Grace's Plenty in 2010. 

As you know, the very careful budget approved by the Bishop's Committee calls for roughly $500,000 in pledges. To reach this goal and to make it possible for the parish leadership to stop imagining and begin planning 2010, we need your faithful participation in the form of your generous pledge.

You Still Have a Whole Week!
The Early Pledge Phase ends on Wednesday, November 5, and I urge you to make your commitment using the online Pledge Form no later than Tuesday the 4th. 

How to Pledge Now

To go to the online Pledge Form,click here.

If you wish to refer back to my letter of October 17, click here.  In the letter itself you will find a link to the online Pledge Form.

Thank You
Thank you for your consideration now of your importance in keeping Grace Church on a solid financial footing and contributing to the vitality which lets us all shine in our roles as Grace's stewards, beneficiaries and ministers.
Yours sincerely,


James Quitslund

Grace Episocopal Church
8595 NE Day Road
Bainbridge Island, WA  98110