Hey All--

Just another update as another Thursday rolls around.  Maybe you've heard that we've been talking about "dreams" with both groups--and it's pretty remarkable how engaged they've been.  We've talked about personal dreams, and dream worlds.  And tried to make some distinctions between dreams and fantasies.  And talking about all of this with the kids is a great reminder that we, too, as "grown-ups" have dreams--for ourselves and our kids.  And that reminder causes me to wonder: if a dream isn't shared; isn't articulated; then is it really just a secret, or a fantasy?  So, as we talked about in our parent gathering, share your dreams with your kids.  Let them know that you're a dreamer, too.  They may not show as much interest in yours as you show in theirs, but it's still good for them to know that your dream life is active, too.

What's next?  This week we'll talk about all 4 of our "big" words: Dream, Think, Be, Do.  We'll try to relate the connection between all of them.  We begin with a dream, and then we think, so that we can be, and then we have to do something.  And then somehow, through magic or music or a light-bulb of inspiration, we'll work in the other 4 themes: Heart, Mind, Soul, Strength.

Of course we love being with your kids.  And yep, there are lots of them showing up these days.  It's amazing how well they manage together--crammed into that room.  And we are really, really grateful for the help with dinner.  We know so well that it's a ton of mouths to feed.  Last week our kitchen team was amazingly resourceful, dealing with some technical difficulties.  Thank you, all.  And as you sign up to prepare meals enjoy the chance to get to know each other.  We are all doing the best we can to raise kids--and the only way that works is to stay in touch!

Bill--and Kathie--and Michelle

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