Notes from the Vicar of Grace

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The Rev. Bill Harper Hey All,

So there's a Hymn Sing at Grace this Sunday.  I'm hoping you know that already.  And yes, it's also a pot-luck.  Or, as we've been saying, it's a "covered dish supper."  Such an old idea-and a nice one, I think.  Eating comfort food and singing songs.  The plan for the evening is simple enough.  We'll gather at 5 pm,  chat around just a bit, eat-and then fill up the Sanctuary with our bodies and our voices.  Ann Strickland and many of our regular musicians and singers will help carry us along as we sing old favorites and even try a new one or two.  Ann will also be teaching our kids a new song, which they will then teach us.  Somewhere in there we'll also manage dessert.

And we want this to be enormously kid and family friendly.  In fact, that's my big hope-that a variety of generations will sing and enjoy an evening of Grace.  The kids can sing, or work on a craft, or both.  There will be something for all of us.  I'll also selfishly (and honestly) admit that I hope lots of us will be there because I want just a few minutes to share a bit of news and inspiration about our life together.  It's something I'd rather say "live" than in an email or newsletter.

So come.  Make plans.  Or decide at the last minute.  We make good company, and good food-and good music.  Bring yourself, your kids, your parents, your voice, an instrument even.  It's good for us to be together.  Really.

And, well, one more note:  I'm making plans to send a simple, weekly email highlighting, reminding, inspiring.  Or just letting you know what's on my mind from week to week.  If I do this right, you'll see something from me pop into your inbox each (or most) Tuesdays.  Sometimes Wednesdays.  It might be something newsworthy, or thoughtful.  Even both.  Or just something on my mind and heart as I think about the life we share as a community.  It's something I'd like to do to stay in touch.  I hope it helps us do just that.

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