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Art Grice Grace 
Grace Pledge Campaign for 2010

September 16, 2009

Dear Fellow Members of the Grace Community:

I am pleased to give you this preview of the Grace Pledge Campaign for 2010.

I write this letter in a spirit of gratitude for your generous financial support of the many facets of our life as a spiritual community.  Your faithfulness and generosity continue to shine forth from week to week against the background of disarray and uncertainty in all levels and sectors of the global economic system.  Your contributions have kept income in step with expenses.

As you know, Grace has applied for a strategic initiative grant from our Diocese as part of our effort to fund the cost of adding an ordained associate to our staff.  Grant determinations will be made the first week of October, and, therefore, an important element of our 2010 Budget will not be defined until we know whether the proposed partnership with the Diocese has been approved.  And yet, regardless of the grant determination, Grace remains committed to raising the support necessary to expand staff and to meet our program and ministry needs.  We will move forward with a "green," virtually paperless, Early Pledge phase as soon as the 2010 budget is finalized.  

The Bishop's Committee and I have agreed on the following timeline:
by mid-October  A letter will be distributed to the parish with a summary of the 2010 Operating Budget, which we hope will reflect that our share of the Associate Priest position will amount to half of the cost of a full-time salary (and benefits), with the Diocese covering the other half. This letter will invite Early Pledges. It will tell you how to find 2010 financial and program information on our website-- as well as how to record your pledge online.

November 1     End of the Early Pledge phase with a parish-wide report on the status of the campaign and celebration of pledges already received.

by November 8    Campaign packets will be distributed to all parish families whose pledges were not received by November 1.  These families will be engaged in one-on-one conversations as the campaign moves toward its conclusion.

November 29    First Sunday of Advent and First Thanksgiving Sunday with a parish-wide report on the status of the campaign.

December 13    Third Sunday of Advent and Second Thanksgiving Sunday with a parish-wide report on the status of the campaign.

All details of the campaign will be tied down prior to the Annual Meeting, which traditionally takes place in early February.

Starting in mid-October, we will have a terrific Pledge Campaign team in place and ready to help you find answers to any questions you may have about the Bishop's Committee's plans for 2010.

Yours faithfully,
Jim Quitslund signature

James Quitslund
Annual Giving Program Coordinator