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July  2008
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300 Monks + Starburst
Reality TV for Johnson & Johnson
Gold for Glivec
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Here in our forest monastery we've blocked out the very hot sun and got busy on some new music.  Hope to work with you all soon.

The Head Monk
300 Monks - Visionary Music for Moving Images
 300 Monks scores Starburst Website
Who knew candy could sound so delicious? 

Working with agency Digitas, the monks did a fabulous job creating a "golden age of Hollywood" sound for Starburst.com.  Besides an orchestral score, the work included sound design for the interface and navigational elements all fitting into the world of a luxurious theater.

The agency team led by Group Creative Director Billy Seabrook included Nataliya Lalor, Julie Wald, Jennifer Dowling, Jeff Williams, Charlie Douglas and Senior Content Integration Producer Eoin McGrath. 

Says McGrath, "Working with Andrew was a pleasure. Our creative team had a
very specific theme in mind and the music and sound design he produced
was thematically consistent and very close to our needs, right off the bat.
Subsequent tweaks were turned around quickly and intelligently.
Working with Andrew still managed to be a rewarding creative experience against
the back-drop of a limited budget and a break-neck production schedule. I
got the impression Andrew and his team have the talent and the resourcefulness
to to turn their attention to any sound/music design project, no matter what
the theme, the brand or the application."

Music scoring involved monks Tom Curiano, Sebastian Morawietz, Marinho Nobre and the Head Monk.  Sound design was by So Boon Mei and Andrew Ingkavet.  Congrats to Sebastian for the fabulous winning score.
 Reality TV for Johnson & Johnson
An innovative idea from the Creatives at DraftFCB Healthcare was to produce a reality tv show for doctors where doctors get to "live within the skin" of their patients - literally.  Through the use of a Hollywood special effects artist, 3 doctors got to experience life as their psoriasis patients do with some very interesting results. 

The half hour show was sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and conceived and produced by DraftFCB.  The team included Creative Director Tim Hawkey, Associate Creative Director Jeff Yates and Producer Eleanor Bryant. 

To begin the process, Head Monk Andrew Ingkavet presented some initial music from the extensive 300 Monks Licensing Library.  Choices ran the gamut of genres from adult contemporary to Latin-pop to rock.  In the end, an alt-rock sound was unanimously agreed upon and the monks set to work creating custom theme demos. 

"The advantage of working with 300 Monks," says Yates "is that you have a wide
range of composers with different specialities to choose from which
makes for great speed and efficiency for your project."

Monks working on this project included Robert Hann, Tom Curiano, Andrew Ingkavet with the winning track going to Nicholas Markos.

"Live In My Skin" debuts on the Physicians Television Network later this month.

 Glivec Project Wins Award
We're very proud to announce that a project we worked on with DraftFCB Healthcare has won a major award.  The piece was for Glivece, a life-changing drug from Novartis, which took home the Gold at the In-Awe awards.

The International Awards of Excellence (IN-AWE Awards) have been one of the healthcare advertising and marketing industry's most prestigious honors since their founding in 1985. 

We like to think that our original score played a wee part in this award.

 Where Are They Now?  The Zoning Board Rises Again
Back in the day - the late 80's to be precise, our Head Monk, Andrew Ingkavet, was lead guitarist and core member of the Zoning Board - a band described as "part Monty Python, part Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and part AC/DC" ruled the campus of NYU - at least a portion of it.  Recently, it has come to our attention that the music is still out there.  DJ Skip Guildersleeve WVVS 90.9 FM in Valdosta, Georgia regularly features the ZB.  He tracked down our former bassist, the now legendary Ben Allison, to learn more about the secret behind the sauce.

The band relied on a philosophy of "chops and morons."  Ingkavet was in the jazz program at NYU and recruited the finest players, "the chops."  In front were the "morons" of Ken Makow, Jeff Solomon and Ira Levy. 

DJ Skip graciously ripped an MP3 of "Reggae for Reagan."  This track was recorded at Charles Lane Studios after the band won the Weinstein dorm Battle of the Bands - beating out among others, current Columbia Records co-chairman  and production guru Rick Rubin's punk band Hose.  Grab your copy for a limited time only.  And in the immortal words of Makow, "Rastafaria Ding Dong!"
Enjoy your summer!

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