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Happy Spring 2008! 
My goodness, how did we get here so fast?  Lots of music flowing through the blood of our monks.  Here's a rundown of recent work, upcoming events and things to listen for.

MetLife assured by 300 Monks
MetLife recently commissioned a jazzy piano score for their newly launched Insurance Selector website.  Agency o2kl's team included Peter Oravetz, Danny Klein, John Kopilak and Jennifer Vale.  Motion graphics by RenderMonkey's Amelle Stein.  Music by Andrew Ingkavet.

View the MetLife Life Insurance Selector

300 Monks scores  NOVARTIS
300 Monks provided beautiful score to Novartis' DVD for Glivec, a drug that truly transforms cancer patients lives.  The project for DraftFCB Healthcare was produced by Veena Rao and led by Creatives Jeff Yates, Barbara Gillespie, James Meloro, Ali Ryad, Zeid Aghabi.  Motion Graphics was by Chino Wong.  The project was a multi-national affair with composers Andrew Ingkavet, Marinho Nobre, Tom Curiano in New York, Colin Willsher in London and Sebastien Morawietz in Berlin.  Congrats to Sebastien for the final music.

See the final project here (select WORK #4)

New Music from 300 Monks
We've been expanding our roster.  So many great new artists to listen to, license and even commission custom work from.  Please browse through their catalogs.

Jeneen Terrana's folksy and quirky songs, Laura Ault's moody adult contemporary pop songs, Nicholas Markos' Americana-songs, Lisa Cerbone's quietly intellectual songs,

Visit the Licensing Library

A Gift To You - Happy Thoughts
Alejandro is 5 and likes singing, dancing and being a rock star.  His favorite color is blue and he has a fish named "Sidney."   Here's a song to brighten your day whenever you need. 

Download Happy Thoughts
(Contact us for licensing)
Happy Thoughts!
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