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January 2010
Plan for a successful year of volunteer involvement
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Book Excerpt: Assessing Your Public Image
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Start the new year off right! Use these assessment and evaluation tools to pinpoint volunteer program highlights and areas needing improvement during the upcoming year.
resourceFeatured Book
Measuring Up: Assessment Tools for Volunteer Programs

Here's the book you've been looking for to "prove" the results and effectiveness of the volunteer program you lead! Nearly 70 timeless tools to help you evaluate your plans, program, organization, the people involved and even yourself. Ready for you to print and use, tools include: 
  • Assessing Agency Readiness for Volunteers Measuring Up
  • Checklist Prior to Recruitment 
  • Assessing Motivations 
  • Matching People and Work
  • Placement Checklist 
  • Training Design Worksheet 
  • Assessing Volunteer Recognition 
  • Exit Interview Questionnaire
  • Assessing Public Image

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resource2More Resources on Assessment and Evaluation
Volunteer Management Audit
A validating tool for analyzing the effectiveness of an organization's volunteer management practices, with complete Scoresheets and instructions to conduct the process successfully.
The Youth Volunteer Audit: Best Practices for Engaging Youth as Volunteers
An assessment and planning tool for developing best practices for dealing with young people as volunteers, complete with forms to copy and use again.
Measuring the Difference Volunteers Make: A Guide to Outcome Evaluation for Volunteer Program Managers
A basic, practical approach for developing a process of volunteer
outcome and impact evaluation. Enables you to evaluate the program and volunteers on the differences they make. Available free of charge in electronic form.
Resources Book Excerpt
Assessing Your Public Image

Excerpt from Measuring Up by Sue Vineyard and Steve McCurley, 2003, Heritage Arts Publishing.

It is critical to know what the public thinks of you. Too often, agencies or organizations believe that everyone knows about them, understands what they do and how to become involved. It is simply not true in many cases. Use this form to measure public perception.
  1. Have you heard of this organization before?
  2. What do you know/think it does?
  3. Who does it serve?
  4. Does it use volunteers in doing its work?
  5. Where is it located?
  6. How long has it been in business?
  7. Who runs it? Do you know the name of one of its leaders? Who?
  8. How is it funded?
  9. Is it a private, governmental or non-profit organization?
  10. Does it have a good reputation?
  11. Has any scandal ever been attached to it that you can personally recall?
  12. Does it produce any products? What?
  13. What services does it perform?
  14. Is it important to the overall well-being of our community?
  15. If a group or individual wanted to become involved as a supporter or volunteer, how would they?
  16. Is this an ethical group?
  17. Does it use its money well?
  18. Does it sponsor any events in the community? Which ones?
  19. Do you trust this organization?
  20. Would you like more information on this organization?
  21. What is your general opinion of this group and what it does?
Permission is granted for organizations to reprint this excerpt. Reprints must provide full acknowledgment of the source, as cited here:
Excerpt from Measuring Up by Sue Vineyard and Steve McCurley, 2003, Heritage Arts Publishing. Available in the Energize Online Bookstore at
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