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February 2009
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Exploring Volunteer Space by Ivan Scheier

Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs by Marlene Wilson

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If you live in the US, you know that we're celebrating President's Day -- a day for commemorating the lives and remembering the words of the nation's Founding Fathers. Even if you're not American, why not take a cue from President's Day and explore the visions of Ivan Scheier and Marlene Wilson -- two pioneers in volunteer management who can be rightfully counted among the "Founding Fathers and Mothers" of the volunteer management field.

Both Ivan's and Marlene's writings continue to be insightful and practical because neither focus solely on the exigencies of the day. Their works go beyond how-tos and explore deeper, and ultimately more important, questions such as:
  • What unique skills and personal qualities must we develop to become effective leaders (not just managers) of volunteers?
  • How can we expand our vision of volunteer engagement to involve more people and have greater impact?
  • Can we escape from the "numbers game" of counting volunteer hours and holistically assess the value of volunteer effort?
FeatureBook"Better Together" Offer
Purchase Marlene Wilson's Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs and get Ivan Scheier's Exploring Volunteer Space for free! 

Exploring Volunteer Space and Visionary Leadership in Volunteer ProgramsAdd both Exploring Volunteer Space and Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs  to your cart in our online bookstore.  On the final page where you confirm your order, enter the discount code buzzfeb09 and click "recalculate" to apply the discount.  Expires March 15 2009.
Resources Ivan Scheier's Exploring Volunteer Space: The Recruiting of a Nation
Exploring Volunteer SpaceYou may be familiar with some of Ivan Scheier's books, such as Building Staff/Volunteer Relations, but have you read his "masterpiece" Exploring Volunteer Space?

Although it was written almost 30 years ago, it is incredibly prescient and relevant today. In his review of the book in e-Volunteerism, Steve McCurley says "While Exploring Volunteer Space is a highly conceptual work, it also has great relevance to practitioners who think about the development of their volunteer programs. . .In it, Ivan outlines much of what volunteering can be and a great deal of what would happen in volunteering in the future. . .Consider it as our version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In it you will tour parts of the volunteer universe that you never knew existed and see how volunteer programs can boldly go where no programs have ever gone before." (Subcribers to e-Volunteerism can read Steve's full review at
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Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs
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Excerpt Marlene Wilson's Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs
Visionary Leadership in Volunteer ProgramsVisionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs compiles 16 of Marlene Wilson's most popular presentations from 1974 to 1999 in one book. Throughout her career, Marlene has urged all who lead volunteers to move beyond thinking of themselves as managers to thinking of themselves as leaders -- those who develop vision for volunteer programs and impart that vision throughout an organization. In today's financially-uncertain and time-crunched climate, her call to lead with soul and vision is an especially important reminder to all of us:

Since many of you have told me that you, too, are feeling burned out and uncertain about your work and future (in volunteer administration, or any other career) let's take a few moments for you to explore two questions:
1. Why did I enter this profession in the first place?
2. Why have I stayed?

The answers to these two questions may lead you to the third and most critical question:
3. Do I still want to be in it?
What helped me to finally realize that I truly did want to fan the embers, blow on the coals and stay in this field is when I realized I am still totally committed to what I believe this work is all about and why I've loved it for so many years.
What do I believe our field has to give to others that is ours uniquely? To give hope! These are angry, confusing, violent times of change and transition. People feel overwhelmed and lost. Too many feel they have no control over their lives and no impact on others. Volunteering, when it's done well, can be an antidote to people's feelings of alienation and hopelessness. When people volunteer, they experience firsthand that they can make a difference in other people's lives and especially when they join with others taking back responsibility and control of their own communities and neighborhoods. They begin to see and experience the good in themselves and others. This is democracy at its best!

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