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March 20

Techniques for Refreshing and Developing Your


 Phillip Moffitt

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April 4

The Whole of the Path:

What the Buddha Taught 

Sylvia Boorstein

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April 9

One Fortunate Attachment: Day  

for Experienced Students 

Anna Douglas
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April 16 

Calming the Mind, Opening to Insight

Richard Shankman   
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April 17

Dependent Origination  

Sally Armstrong

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April 24

Dhamma & Society: Working from  

Inside Out in the US & Burma 

U Pyinya Zawta, Alan Senauke. Tempel Smith    More info>

June 4 


Practice and  

Reunion Daylong  

James Baraz, Sally Armstrong

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Sharon SalzbergSharon Salzberg:
Real Happiness

One of America's leading Buddhist teachers is coming to Spirit Rock for a rare West Coast appearance.

Sunday, February. 20

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In her new book, "Real Happiness," Sharon gives us a complete 28-day program for learning the power of meditation. Jack Kornfield says, "It's all you need to transform your life!" Here's an excerpt from her chapter on lovingkindness practice:

When I ran into Rachel, a friend and one of my meditation students, she surprised me with her enthusiastic greeting. "I've fallen in love with my dry cleaner!

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  Special Event  
Trauma image

Raja Selvam
Saturday, February 26, 9:30 am - 5 pm
A trauma can be a portal to one's spiritual awakening as well as an impediment to it.
This one-day workshop will present the deeper implications of trauma and demonstrate how to work with them through lectures, multiple demonstrations and guided exercises.
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Andrea Fella on the Living Dharma Retreat
Andrea Fella




(The following is an excerpt from a 2010 interview with Andrea Fella conducted by Walt Opie, Communications Editor.)


Spirit Rock: You will be teaching the Living Dharma Retreat with Anushka Fernandopulle and Tempel Smith this May 29 - June 5.  Can you tell us how this retreat differs from other retreats at Spirit Rock?
Andrea Fella: The Living Dharma Retreat was partly conceived as a way for people to get a taste of what the Dedicated Practitioners' Program might be like. The retreats are not silent-they are interactive and include dyads and discussion groups. Of course, there are periods of silence for meditation as well.
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Community Work Day on the land - Feb 26
Gardening volunteer
Bill Ferlatte,
We will be weeding out invasive French and Scotch broom plants. The day will start with an educational orientation in the morning, followed by a few hours of weeding.
At lunchtime, we will eat together and sit on the land. This is a family friendly day. We welcome all ages and ask that children under 12 work alongside their family members during the day.

Your generosity at work
MeditatorsAt Spirit Rock, providing scholarships to those in need is one of the most important things we do. The generosity and kindness of people like you allowed Spirit Rock to offer more than $250,000 in scholarships last year. These yearly efforts have enabled thousands of people to attend retreats or classes for whom it would not otherwise have been possible.  Give the gift of the dharma by supporting scholarships at Spirit Rock.  Click here to donate now. 
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Spirit Rock in the news  
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Kathleen Ellison recently published Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention. It's an account of her journey with ADHD, in her son and in herself. Along the way, both mom and son experience meditation at Spirit Rock.
Katherine Ellison(Excerpt)
"Nobody Ever Died of Restlessness"
...The clock on my dashboard reads 5:29 PM as I veer off onto the country road heading into the hills above the town of Woodacre, home of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Only one minute left before the deadline to appear for my five-day retreat.

It's the Wednesday before Labor Day, and another insanely hot afternoon, the temperature exceeding one hundred degrees. Instead of indulging in this navel-gazing marathon, I should he planning a move some place with a healthier climate, and preferably also without an impending earthquake...
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