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      Author and Bible teacher, Jim Sayles, a former New Age occult adept, delivered from Satan's camp to serve the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, presents a unique insight and understanding of God's truth, promises, and commands as revealed in scripture.
      The author is prompted by the prophetic voice of the Spirit to address errors of doctrine, practice, and the interpretation of scripture for the purpose of equipping the saints and restoring unity and faith to the "wise virgins" who are trimming their wicks.      
  • The Parable of the Ten Virgins Unveiled
  • A prophetic parable related to the apostate church and the revived end time church during the tribulation
  • Pre-Trib vs Post-Trib At-A-Glance
  • A brief comparison of the primary proof sources for a Pre-tribulation resurrection-"rapture" of church only saints and a Post-tribulation resurrection-"rapture" of all the saints from Adam forward
  • The Bride of Christ
  • A refutation of the popular belief that the church is the "bride of Christ", a term that only appears in scripture in reference to the new Jerusalem and ALL the saints of all time
  • The Testing of Our Faith: Truth
  • We think of the testing of our faith as being related to difficult circumstances, but the testing of our faith ALWAYS begins receiving (by revelation) and believing (in our hearts) the truth of God
  • Giant Killing Faith
  • David's demonstration of waiting on the Lord, and of putting the interests of his earthly father and his heavenly father first rather than faith based on meeting his own needs is a model of what our own faith should be like
  • The Olivet Prophecy
  • The Lord's lengthy prophetic answer to the disciples' question: "When will these things happen and what will be the signs of your coming and the end of the age?" are compared with Daniel and Revelation to give us an accurate outline of end time events for the church
  • Left Behind? Part 1a
  • The origin of apostate dispensational theology and its primary distinctives
  • Left Behind? Part 2
  • A refutation of the popular but erroneous dispensational distinctive of a pre-tribulation resurrection-"rapture" of church only saints
  • Who Are The Laodiceans?
  • A correct exegesis of this passage reveals that the Lord did not admonish them for a lack of zeal, but for blending the truth with error and not being able to tell the difference
Final Instructions - A unique, discipleship Bible study guide based on the Lord's final instructions to His disciples on the day He was betrayed and crucified - John 13-17. The author models an inductive, Spirit-guided exegesis of scripture to reveal the Lord's instructions concerning how we are to "hear" (receive by revelation) and "obey" His truth, promises, and commands today.

Final Instructions cover

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