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(Dealing with Poor Morale, Problem Employees, Delegation Dynamics
& Performance Appraisals) 


October 24-25, 2012 - St.Pete Beach, FL 


training photo 2Day 1:  Improving Morale....

Command officers have all heard from time to time the inevitable complaint: "morale is low" and "People aren't happy".  The implicit assumption is that it is your job to fix it, to raise my morale, and to make me happy.  This workshop explores the causes and challenges and implications of low police officer morale and approaches for addressing this issue.  Finally the course addresses circumstances in which command action in dealing with low morale is probably not appropriate.


Dealing with Problem Employees....


  • The games they play, and why they play them.
  • Why you often lose.
  • How you can outplay, outwit and out last your problem children.

If you are spending the majority of your time, energy and frustration on your least productive and most trouble causing employees, then you won't want to miss this workshop.  You will learn what games that are actually being played and the why problem employees are motivated to play these games.  You will also learn how to turn many of the negatives into positives for your team.  In addition, you will learn:

  • How to strengthen your team in spite of the influences of problem employees.
  • How to interpret body language and other key communication concepts.
  • How to regain your serenity in the middle of the problem child's game. 

Day 2: 

The Dynamics of Delegation and Mentoring....

Command and management teams continue to face multiple challenges with fewer resources.  It is essential that people in leadership positions successfully redistribute responsibility and jobs throughout the organization. Participants will learn why delegation may be the key to successful leadership. Key elements include:


  • How delegation serves as a development tool for employees
  • The symptoms of ineffective delegation
  • The main elements of effective delegation
  • How one's leadership style impacts the delegation process
  • Twelve questions to ask to assure a positive and effective delegation process

Creating a Performance Appraisal Process that Makes Sense!....

Many performance appraisal processes accomplish the opposite of the intended goal! They demoralize, waste time and confuse supervisors and officers. This workshop will give you the tools which will help you create a performance appraisal instrument that fits your department and your team. Participants will learn a step-by-step approach which clarifies supervisor-employee expectations and is job relevant for personnel throughout your organization.  Participants will be able to create:

A performance appraisal instrument and process that is relevant to them.

A process that ends the need for expensive consultants.

A performance appraisal process that is actually useful.

A performance appraisal system that reduces rater errors and is easy to use.




Dr. Lewis Bender is Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He has researched and taught a wide variety of courses related to management and supervision. His primary research focus has been on organizational teams and the myriad factors and variables that impact team processes and effectiveness. Dr. Bender received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia (1977), Masters Degree from Wayne State University (1973), and baccalaureate from Grand Valley State University (1971). 


  • All members of the criminal justice community (sworn or non-sworn). Public Service Supervisors and Managers including, law enforcement, city, county or state government supervisory positions (City Manager's office, public works, etc.).


  • Sirata Beach Resort and Convention Center
    5300 Gulf Boulevard
    St. Petersburg Beach, Florida 33706


  • Wednesday, October 24, 2012 thru ,Thursday, October 25, 2012
  • Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp - and ends at 5:00 PM daily (Eastern Standard Time)

 COST:   $345 for Early Registration, $375 for Registration after 10/0512


Includes instruction, class materials and certificate of completion





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