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March, 2011




Thankfully, the winter snow we've had has almost all melted away and Spring is right around the corner!


If you've been having issues with flooding in your basement because of all of the melting snow, here's a couple of pointers you may want to consider to avoid damage:


1) Have a backup plan.  Do you currently have a sump pump installed?  If you experience frequent power outages, it's probably a good idea to have a sump pump with a battery backup.  It's worth the investment in the event of a short emergency situation only.  (Once the battery runs out, you're still in trouble.)  To read more about this type of system click here:  Pumps  Batteries


2) Never be left in the dark.  The best solution is to have an automatic standby generator.  Imagine the convenience of having a system smart enough to switch itself on and provide power to your necessities or even your whole house!  Now's the time to act - there are some great deals for Spring available right now. 

3) Be alerted of danger.
 If you'd like to know if water is rising above a certain point, install a water alarm that goes off when water is detected.  Simple battery-operated devices start around $10.  If you have an alarm system, a water or flood sensor can be integrated right into it.  With some systems, you can even receive text and/or email alerts.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us.


Be sure not to miss the Deal of the Month!


Controlling Your World Part 1: Lighting

If you're like me, you may be getting a little sick of hearing the term "go green" or "green living" -- but there is an advantage to it.

Automation Systems are not solely about comfort and convenience anymore.  Sure, you can do some pretty amazing and impressive tasks when your systems and components work harmoniously, but the true advantage lies in the realized savings.  Plus, you can start with a basic system and add onto it as you like.

Read the entire article here...


Indoor Cameradeal
Deal of the Month

Free Camera!


Purchase any complete video surveillance system and receive a free indoor security camera!

Click the camera for details.

Video of the Month
If your walls could talk, what would they say?  We know that walls can't talk, but alarm systems can!  Check this video out and imagine having this level of peace of mind at your home or office:
Control4 & Honeywell Partnership
Control4 & Honeywell Partnership
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Douglas McLeod

General Manager

J.P. McCurdy Electrical Services, Inc.