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July 2012


AccuFACE Will Be Exhibited in Australia


security 2012 sydney


The latest models of AccuFACE facial recognition system will be shown at the Security 2012 Exhibition & Conference in Sydney, Australia from July 25 to July 27. Please visit our reseller, SystemWare-Pacific, at booth# J21 for product demonstration. For more information about Security 2012, please visit


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The new generation of facial recognition solution -- AccuFACE, is now available through our certified resellers worldwide, and you are invited to join our growth!


AccuFACE gets a boost in performance with new Firmware




Firmware version 1.5 has just been released! Along with a few minor tweaks, this latest version boasts a major improvement in facial recognition speed. With an over 500% increase in speed, you will experience facial recognition (especially in 1 to N identification mode) at remarkable speed and maximally save your time. Please contact us for additional information 




AccuFACE's Powerful Log Function


Comprehensive log management is very important to an access control/ time and attendance system. A complete log function not only increases the security of access control, it is also the most reliable proof of time and attendance records.


With this in mind, AccuFACE's log function is designed so that system administrator can easily configure and manage logs via an online account. The time, date, description, and user image for each event is captured into each log transaction. User may configure AccuFACE to capture the face of each person using the system. Hence, intruders' faces can be recorded without their knowing.


 log 1


The administrator can use "Log Display Filter" to filter log events by date, user ID, image captured, and event type. For management, this feature can make event log searching and sorting much easier and less time-consuming. Besides recording the logs of authentication pass/denied events, AccuFACE may record system related events such as "Login pass/ denied," "Upload user," and "Configuration changed." 


log 2 


In the event log, the administrator can configure log recording to enable important logs and disable less important logs. This is a handy feature for administrators who don't want to view and delete redundant logs manually. In addition, the administrator can choose to export the logs as a backup, for meeting reports or for auditing purposes.


AccuFACE's powerful log function is easy to operate and configure. Furthermore, AccuFACE provides different log modes for different operational needs making log management more efficient.   



3 Advantages of an Embedded System


An embedded facial recognition system has the following three characteristics: 





 1. It has an internal processor to process facial recognition algorithm


 2. It uses internal memory to store user facial templates and event information


 3. It operates as a stand-alone unit without connection to an external computer or controller







AccuFACE is an embedded system that doesn't require external computer to operate. Normally, non-embedded facial recognition systems pass captured videos/images to an external computer (with internal video capture board) via video cables. The video signal quality in such a process deteriorates at a rate relative to the length of the video cables. This constraint limits where the facial recognition system and its computer could be installed. In contrast, an embedded system has no limitation on installation location because it is self-contained and does not require video cables or an external computer.


AccuFACE is also a IP-based system. It has internal Web-serve that allows AccuFACE to be connected using Web browser. 
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