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Thank you for opening the end-of-season edition of your LIFEcycle Circular. In this issue you will read about the great ways in which your support of LIFEcycle this past year will benefit the community; you will learn of the exciting events we have in store for you in the coming months; and you can get a sneak-peek at what Team LIFEcycle has going on for 2013.

First though, a huge THANK YOU to all of the donors, sponsors, volunteers and cyclists who participated in a triumphant Ride 'Round Rhody event and Team LIFEcycle season. With all that you accomplished this year, we eagerly await seeing what successes you create next year!

As always, please feel free to reply to this email with any questions or comments.

Take care,
Dani & Jacob Brier

Promote healthy, active living.   Support local healthcare. 
You made it possible!
The following is a summary of how your contributions -- be they in time, dollars, energy, or in many cases, a combination -- to LIFEcycle this past year will benefit the community.
The funds raised by Ride 'Round Rhody 2012 are being put to work at five cancer centers in Rhode Island, including Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, Women & Infants Hospital, Newport Hospital and Hasbro Children's Hospital.
During the coming year...
You are funding a clinical trial that seeks to improve the success rates in treating pancreatic cancer, a notoriously devastating form of the disease.
You will help patients and families remain on-track with their treatment by supporting patient assistance funds for those in financial need.
You are treating the whole patient by establishing a Reiki therapy program at one hospital and creating an integrated care suite at another, both of which will allow patients to benefit from complimentary alternative medicines -- integrated with standard care and traditional medicine -- which are proven to enhance the effectiveness of the harsh cancer treatments.
You enabled the establishment of the LIFEcycle Endowment Fund. The fund will be a consistent and growing revenue source for LIFEcycle for years to come. Proceeds from the fund will be used to provide support for the organization's general operations, allowing each new dollar raised to have more of an impact on our programs and services. Included in the endowment is a special purpose fund that was created from donations made in memory of Milton I. Brier. This fund will provide support for programs related to the prevention and detection of skin cancer. To learn more about how you can support LIFEcycle in perpetuity, please contact Jacob Brier.
During the coming year, people fighting cancer in Rhode Island will have a better shot at beating cancer because of you. In the future, patients beyond our community will receive better care because of the work we are funding. We are making a difference in the fight against cancer.
Together, we are saving lives.
Events and programs...
This Sunday, from 12:00-3:00: Look for us at Roger Williams Park Casino, where we will have a booth at Lifespan's Cancer Survivors Fair. The event is a great resource for survivors, family members or others in the community who are interested in learning about services offered throughout RI and southeastern New England.

Alex & Ani will be hosting a party to benefit LIFEcycle. Join us at the Alex and Ani Chapel View store in Cranston, on November 6th from 7-9 PM for this exclusive event. They will donate 15% of sales to LIFEcycle. This is a great opportunity to get an early jump on holiday shopping and buy a gift with some extra meaning.

This year's Until There is a Cure benefit concert takes on a new twist. We will host a variety show competition at which contestants (ranging from musicians and dancers to comedians and magicians) will compete for cash and other prizes. Plans are still in the works, but to learn more or get involved in the planning, please contact us.

We are once again partnering with The Forge: Personal Training Studio to promote healthy, active living to Rhode Islanders through Strength Training in the Community. The program will provide strength training instruction and teach a fitness routine that participants will be able to execute at home or on the road, with minimal equipment. The program consists of a 1-hour session each week for four weeks. We will work with local schools and charities to provide this service free of charge or at a nominal fee to businesses. The program will also benefit from coaching by Compete to Complete. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us.

Save the Date: We'd love to officially ask you to save the date for Ride 'Round Rhody 2013, but we are a victim of your passion* for the cause, and can only announce a tentative date at this time: Please hold August 11, 2013... details to follow.

tlcTeam LIFEcycle 2013

We are gearing things up for a new year for the team, and holding true to tradition, a new year means a new team format! Here are the basics (and the details will be revealed in another month or so):
  • Team membership will be based around specific events, including Tough Mudder Boston in early May, the OCY Sprint Triathlon in late September, likely an Olympic distance triathlon in the middle of the summer and one other event, to be determined
  • All levels of athletes are welcome, including first-time triathletes or 5K runners
  • Athletes will register for the event of choice on their own and agree to raise a certain amount of funds for LIFEcycle, in exchange for:
    • A semi-custom endurance/cardio training plan for the event
    • A strength training program specific to the event
    • Group training sessions (1-3 per month)
    • A team jersey/shirt for the event
To learn more about training and racing with Team LIFEcycle in 2013, please contact us.
victimThank you, Camp JORI

For the past three summers, as Ride 'Round Rhody matured from a small, passion-filled group ride to an established statewide charitable event, Camp JORI, led by Director Ronni Guttin and Assistant Director Ronda French, has been a graciously accommodating host.

The camp's steadfast support of our annual bike-a-thon -- which began before they hosted the ride, as they fulfilled many of our supply/equipment needs for the first ride -- has been invaluable to our success and growth. It has been so helpful, in fact, that we now must say goodbye to Camp JORI for 2013.

Ride 'Round Rhody will have a new home (aka start/finish site) for 2013 and beyond, as we have outgrown the camp and must now find a new partner. Plans are in the works and we hope to announce the location and finalize the date within the next couple weeks.

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Until there is a cure for everybody, we all must continue to fight.
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