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Dwight Jones, Mayor
Rachel Flynn, Director Community Development
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Census 2010
Census 2010 
Census Fact of the Month
The undercount from the 1990 Census missed 3,000 children in Richmond.
That is the federal funding equivalent of running five schools with 182 teachers over a decade!
Be sure you are counted!! 
Steps to Starting A New Business
Step 1
Develop business plan and inquire about available incentives
Step 2
Contact the Zoning Office
Step 3
Select your location & review zoning
Step 4
Review Building Code regulations

Step 5
Review other State & City regulations

Step 6
Register your business

Step 7
Obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN)
Step 8
Obtain a Virginia Sales Tax Number

Step 9
Obtain a Business License
Am I In A C.A.R.E. Area or Enterprise Zone?
Richmond has three enterprise zones that are eligible for special local and State incentives.
There are also special C.A.R.E. areas that provide rebates, loans, and assistance when starting a business.
Check to see if your proposed business is eligible for one of the incentives!
Quick Links
To report a property maintenance violation or to make a request, please use the Citizens' Request System.
Upcoming Meetings
Unless noted, all meetings take place in City Hall, 5th Floor Conf. Room.
Commission of Architectural Review
Task Force
Thur., Sept. 3
4 p.m.
Fire Dept. HQ
201 W. Franklin St.
Board of Zoning Appeals
Wed., Sept. 9
11 a.m.
Urban Design Committee
Thur., Sept. 10
10 a.m.
 Planning Commission
Tue., Sept. 8
1:30 p.m.
Planning Commission
Mon., Sept. 21
Quick Resources
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City Housing Affordability Info Now Online
The City of Richmond provides select housing data by neighborhood*. According to the Affordability Calculator, a family of four making 80% of the Average Median income ($55,440), can afford a house priced at $198,150. Click the Home Price Calculator below for the complete details.
*Note: These neighborhood designations are for descriptive purposes only, and may not conform to the neighborhood as considered by residents.
Starting a Business in the City? We Can Help!
The City of Richmond is committed to helping you locate and get your business venture up and running with as few hurdles as possible.

Whether you are a small or large business, there are many services offered to help guide you through the process and provide an overview of what is required and which departments are involved.

Feel free to download the City's "Guide to Starting Your Business in Richmond" which provides a roadmap of the process and includes tips and contact information that will help you expedite the process. You can also call 804-646-6340 for more information and assistance.
Steps to Starting A New Business: Zoning
A Certificate of Zoning Compliance (CZC) is a required permit that shows a proposed use is in conformance with the Zoning Ordinance; it is necessary prior to the issuance of a business license.

A CZC is required for any use of land, building or structure unless it is an existing single-family dwelling or individual residential unit (apartment) within multi-family buildings. The operation of a Home Occupation also requires a CZC.
A CZC is not transferable. Any new owner or tenant must obtain an updated CZC for the use of the premises.

A Zoning Confirmation Letter can be requested in lieu of a CZC when the applicant is not the owner of the property. It is suggested that a Zoning Confirmation Letter be obtained prior to the signing of any purchase or lease contract.
Steps to Starting A New Business: Incentives
There are several incentive programs available to new and existing businesses in the City of Richmond through the Departments of Economic Development and Community Development. Below is a short synopsis of the programs available. Click here to learn more details and find contact information.

Commercial Area Revitalization Effort (CARE) Program
The CARE program provides business rebates and loans for defined CARE area businesses as well as technical assistance and delivery of City services and public improvements.

State & Local Enterprise Zone Programs
The Enterprise Zones are areas of the City which have been targeted for business assistance incentives and include a special real estate tax abatement program, the Brownfields Assessment Grant Program, and rebate programs.
Real Estate Tax Abatement Program
The City of Richmond offers real estate tax abatement incentives for eligible property rehabilitation projects.

Other incentives include the Neighborhoods in Bloom Revolving Loan Fund and the Microenterprise Development Loan Program.

Union Hill Zoning Changes

New zoning districts were adopted for the Union Hill neighborhood on July 27. DCD staff has worked closely with residents and business owners for the last two years to identify the best zoning tools available to return Union Hill to a vibrant, sustainable, and walkable community. The neighborhood was rezoned from a combination of suburban-style multi-family and commercial districts to the R-63 Multi-family Urban Residential and UB Urban Business zoning districts.   
This process included unprecedented public involvement and support and resulted in a truly collaborative approach to neighborhood planning.  After diligent work and numerous meetings with staff, the Union Hill Civic Association requested zoning districts and a Master Plan amendment that would allow for development that is reflective of their vision for the future of the community. 
These changes will make it easier to start small businesses in the neighborhood and revitalize existing vacant commercial storefronts. The new districts will provide more opportunity and flexibility in the zoning code to allow for small shops that serve residents with various goods and services and make the neighborhood more walkable. 
Thanks to all the residents and business owners who supported staff and made this process a success!
Manchester Rezoning: What's Next
The Department of Community Development held its initial Manchester Rezoning meeting on Saturday, June 27 and received input from more than 70 residents, business owners, and interested citizens. 
The next step will include a follow up meeting with those residents and business owners interested in serving as the core group to continue discussions and suggestions for the rezoning of Manchester.
You can keep up to date through this newsletter and visit the Manchester Rezoning web page with documents, maps, and upcoming meeting announcements and information. 
If you are interested in becoming a part of the ongoing process or receiving updates on future meetings, please email dcdnews@richmondgov.com or call 804-646-6310.
New Guide for Electrical Inspections
ElectricalAre you a contractor building or remodeling a home? Then you may want to check out a copy of the new book entitled "How to Perform Electrical Inspections."
It is a great resource in preparing for the Inspector's Exam and provides accurate and useful information for you before your electrical inpection is performed.
Avoid any delays by having this reference guide in hand! Click here for more information.
Dates to Remember for Businesses
January 1 - Value of real estate, personal property and machinery & tools established
March 1 - Business license renewals due
March 31 - Real Estate tax relief applications/recertifications due
May 1 - Machinery/Tool tax due
May 1 - Personal property taxes due for business
June 15 - Business license renewals and 2nd half payments
June 15 - Real estate taxes due
December 31 - Business Licenses expire
Taxes due the 20th of each month (for previous month's collection): Admissions tax; Lodging tax; Meals tax