February 2010
users2010 Users' Conference:
Church in the Digital Age
ParishSOFT Users Conference

Save The Date!

November 8-10, 2010

Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront,

St. Petersburg, FL


Don't miss THE premiere conference for Catholic Church professionals to learn, network, and energize!


With 40+ workshops-and more than half taught by ParishSOFT users--you'll find unparalleled networking and learning opportunities, guaranteed. Past attendees agree: View their testimonials and workshop presentations from prior conferences here.

newdiocesesNew Dioceses Choose ParishSOFT

Catholic dioceses continue to select ParishSOFT's diocesan product suite as their new technology platform, along with the professional services that we provide to ensure a successful transition and implementation. We welcome our most recent additions to the ParishSOFT family.


Diocese of Cleveland:
AIM Family Directory, Diocesan Directory, Sacramental Registry, Catholic Directory Manager, Status Animarum Manager, and AIM IQ (Intelligent Query). 


Diocese of Nassau, Bahamas:

AIM Family Directory, Diocesan Directory, Diocesan Development Manager (DDM), Sacramental Registry, AIM IQ.


Diocese of La Crosse: ConnectNow Church Accounting (for parishes), Diocesan Development Manager (DDM), and AIM IQ.


Diocese of Salinas:
AIM Family Directory and Diocesan Directory, Diocesan Development Manager (DDM), and Subscription Manager, AIM IQ. 

needmoreNeed More From Your Software? Tell Us!

Your feedback is important to us. Let us know how we can serve you better on 866.930.4774 (toll free) or by email to

windows7ParishSOFT Supports Windows 7

Our software supports Microsoft® Windows 7. Our development and quality assurance teams continuously test our core software products and peripheral modules on the latest standard operating platforms to keep your programs running smoothly.

ahha"Ah-Ha!" Moments in Customer Support
Our caring and knowledgeable support team handles calls from users of all levels of expertise. Some are less experienced with computers than others. Here are a few of our favorites from parish users:

"How do I minimize the window?"
Tech: "Do you know where your database is?
Customer: "Sure, it's in my filing cabinet."
"I don't know how to turn the computer on in the morning. Somebody else helps me with that."
"What does 'Posting Contributions' mean?"
Tech: "What internet browser are you using?" Customer: "I don't know--it's a Hewlett Packard."

customercontactsParishSOFT Arch/Diocesan Customer Contacts
This list is provided as a courtesy to our customers. It should be kept confidential and is not to be used for any commercial purpose. All of the individuals listed have approved the publication of their name.
Download our contacts list
visitusVisit Us, On-The-Road

Parish Technology Summit (featuring Charles Zech)

Feb. 25, 2010

Philadelphia, PA


National Safe Environment Conference

Mar. 14-18, 2010

New Orleans, LA


Religious Education Congress

Mar. 18-21, 2010

Anaheim, CA


National Federation of Priests' Councils (NFPC)

Apr. 12-15, 2010

Hilton Houston Post Oak Hotel

Houston, TX


Diocesan Information Systems Conference (DISC)

Jun. 9-11, 2010

Toronto, ONT


Diocesan Fiscal Managers Conference (DFMC)

Sep. 26-29

New Orleans, LA


ParishSOFT Users' Conference

Nov. 8-10, 2010

Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront

St. Petersburg, FL

Building Team, Relationships, Efficiencies through Users' Groups

ParishSOFT Development
Des Moines, Sioux Falls, Camden, St. Petersburg

Are your diocesan and parish staff functioning like they belong to the same organization, with common goals?

If the answer is "no," it's time to establish user groups in your diocese. If the answer is "yes," user groups can help you maintain and build upon that good momentum you already have going.  


User groups provide a forum for learning, networking, and using the collective "smarts" of staff. In the Diocese of Sioux Falls, where they started holding regular user group meetings in 2006, director of information systems Dawn Wolf has seen a significant savings in less time spent on the phone addressing common issues with parish staff, who are far less frustrated and much more satisfied overall with their software than in the pre-user group days.


From "resistance is futile" to "cooperation"


"The response we get from our parishes about user groups has been nothing but positive," said Wolf. "Parish staff know they have a resource to go to, and they no longer feel like they're out there all alone."


A stronger relationship between the Diocese of Sioux Falls and its parishes has given rise to a true partnership among staff--an ideal to which any diocese can aspire, and the key to moving beyond the place where parishes resist change and view the diocese as a bully.

Wolf agrees that all of Sioux Falls is working together in a spirit of collaboration these days. "When we need to ask our parishes for something, like a new report, we see more cooperation than pushback."


Christine Dandaraw, who served first as training coordinator for the Archdiocese of Atlanta and now for the Diocese of St. Petersburg, reports that user groups strengthen not only the knowledge of the user but give the diocese the ability to meet the needs of its parishes more proactively. Along with networking and communication, users groups provide the vehicle to overcome everyday obstacles, while fostering collaboration and a greater understanding of goals and objectives throughout the diocese.


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009 Marks Best Year in ParishSOFT History

2009 was a recordbreaking year for ParishSOFT. In just the month of December, an unprecedented 63 new churches purchased ParishSOFT products. Between January and December 2009, 339 individual churches became ParishSOFT users. Having our best year in ParishSOFT history allows us to continue improving our existing products while investing in exciting new web-based technologies in 2010.


What an honor it is to have more than 3,800 churches in 162 dioceses put their trust in ParishSOFT's products, services, and people. We are proud and grateful to serve you.

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Technology Corner
Product Roadmap

With our new Lean & Agile Development process, we're getting products to you and your parishes faster. Here's a quick look at the products we developed in 2009, and the exciting new products and enhancements on our schedule for 2010.

New Products Released in 2009

ConnectNow Financial Consolidation Manager (for dioceses)
ConnectNow My Own Church (for parishes)
ConnectNow Payroll (for parishes)
ConnectNow Ledger and Payables (for parishes)
Mailroom Solutions: Address Quality (for parishes)

Enhancements to Existing Products in 2009

Catholic Directory Manager (for dioceses and parishes)
Diocesan Development Manager (DDM) (for dioceses)
Integration with Constant Contact and NotifyNow
Member Duplicate Checker (for dioceses)
Status Animarum Manager (for dioceses and parishes)
Parish Suite, four updates
Diocesan Suite, four updates

Between January and June 2010, we'll be working to bring you the following new products and enhancements:

New Products and Services in 2010

ConnectNow Contact Management (for dioceses)
ConnectNow Ministry Scheduler (for parishes)
Mailroom Solutions: Address Quality (for dioceses)
Single Login for all ParishSOFT applications and services (for dioceses and parishes)

Enhancements to Existing Products in 2010

Catholic Directory Manager (for diocese and parishes)
ConnectNow Ledger & Payables (for parishes)
ConnectNow My Own Church (for parishes)
ConnectNow Payroll (for parishes)
Diocesan Development Manager (for dioceses)

· Self-serve reporting (for dioceses and parishes)
· Quid pro quo donations
· New designations for gift types, revision types, stocks

Duplicate Checker (for dioceses to find and merge duplicate records and sync from AIM to parish)
Online Giving
Safe Environment Program Manager (for dioceses and parishes)
Status Animarum (for dioceses)
Subscription Manager (for dioceses)

Parish Suite:

· International addresses
· Quid pro quo donations
· New Offering & Pledge designations for gift types, revision Wtypes, stocks
· ZIP Code updates
· Lookup table management for celebrants and more

Diocesan Suite:

· Integration with Constant Contact
· International addresses
· ZIP Code updates
· Lookup table management for celebrants and more

Development Gets Lean & Agile

In March 2009, we implemented a new Lean & Agile Development process and set out on a mission to provide better quality software to you in a shorter time. What's happened has been extraordinary, and our results have been similar to the top 25% of companies implementing Agile processes1:


55% Increase in productivity

28% Reduction in costs

54% Reduction in software defects

54% Increase in implementation speed

What this means for you


You'll notice these results in better software performance, more intuitive functionality that eliminates steps and saves administrative time in church and diocesan offices, and faster delivery of enhancements and new products. Best of all, our project teams consult with customers and advisors on an ongoing basis, so our products meet the business needs of churches and dioceses.

ParishSOFT Development

1. The State of Agile Development, 2nd Annual Survey, 2007, p. 7,


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Version 3.7.12 Enhancements for Dioceses / Parishes

While we're developing many new products, we remain committed to making the products that you and your parishes already have work better. Put the latest enhancements to work in your diocese--update to 3.7.12.  

Highlights of the enhancements in this release are listed

here. For the complete list of updates for dioceses and parishes, please view the v3.7.12 Update Guides, available on

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supportSupport Levels Improve

Live-answer support is something of a rarity these days. At ParishSOFT, we know how important it is for church staff to get friendly, knowledgeable answers; and we're committed to providing those answers in a timely manner. How are we doing? The numbers speak for themselves: while our customer base has grown over 16% per year for the past few years, the number of calls between 2008 and 2009 increased by only 2.7%.Let's take a look at the statistics:


2008      24,292 total calls, 58% answered immediately

2009      24,963 total calls, 62% answered immediately


In January 2010, typically our peak call month because of year-end contributions, we received a record 3,364 calls and answered 65% of them immediately. All calls not answered immediately were resolved with a personal call back from one of our representatives, usually within two hours.


Exactly how are our support levels getting better despite the fact that we're supporting far more customers these days? (See 2009 Marks Best Year in ParishSOFT History.)


It's all possible because we've improved our product quality, self-help resources and training, so church staff have fewer reasons to call us. Most importantly, we have dedicated support staff, who take a personal interest in our users' issues.

Many of you have written to tell us what how much you appreciate our support staff--thank you! Please continue to let us know how we're doing and what we can do to better serve you and your parishes.

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