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July 2009


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  • Carrie's Corner
  • Midland, MI now OPEN!
  • Pure Give Event July 25th
  • New DVDs & products now available
  • PB featured on TV- Good Day LA
  • Summer Specials & New Classes
  • Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy

  • Midland, MI now OPEN!

    The Midland studio is now open and tuckin'! Click here to view schedule and sign up for classes.

    Pure Give Event July 25th

    Our quarterly event is July 25th. Check with your local studio to see how you can get involved with Pure Give's mission in supporting the development of healthy self - esteem in girls and young women.

    New DVDs & products now available
    pershing square 2

    Our new DVDs: Pershing Square 1 & 2 and other fun PB products are now available on our on-line boutique.
    Click here to start shopping.

    PB featured on TV- Good Day LA

    Pure Barre Brentwood is being featured on on Fox's Good Day LA on July 1st. If you live in LA, tune in and if not, check PB's Press & Media section soon to catch it.

    Summer Specials & New Classes

    Be sure to check with your local studio or click here for great summer specials and additional class times to keep you tuckin' along all summer long!

    Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy

    On Thursday, July 16th, Carrie will be doing a radio interview with Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy at 11:30am EST. Click here to catch it.

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    Carrie's Corner
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    I am just returning from a trip up to Michigan for the baptism of my godchild- the beautiful 10 week-old daughter of my best friend Cathy. Following the baptism, Cathy's extended family headed back to the house to celebrate. Upon arrival, the women surrounded the island in the kitchen while the men claimed their seats in front of the baseball game on tv. As we women were chipping and dipping, the topic of exercise came up- I tend to spark that conversation wherever I go, almost like a priest in a confessional. Anyway, it started by Cathy's mother-in-law stating her cellulite had cellulite and then the group proceeded in to a litany of excuses of why they couldn't exercise. It went something like this: I don't want to sweat. I'm fat. I don't want to jump up and down. My feet are too wide- they don't make tennis shoes that fit me. I like butter. I don't have time. I'm too old. Then began "body show and tell"- women showing me parts of their bodies they don't like- grabbing their inner thighs, pulling up their sleeves to display the back of their arms, and sticking their hips out to the side and pointing at them. Then silence, as they all stared at me.

    I'm not sure what they were hoping for me to say- maybe that if you had wide feet there really was no need to exercise. Or, if you are fat or old then forget it, you're a lost cause. But, instead I found myself talking about the Pure Barre dvds, certainly not to push sales at the baptism of my godchild, but because I truly believe that all those women around the island could do the dvds and achieve great results on the exact areas that they were all grabbing, pointing and pulling on.

    The dvds are doable by every woman out there, and there is no jumping, sweating, well, I can't get out of that one, but you could still love butter and do Pure Barre. As far as the no time issue goes, Cathy has a strong argument- 4 kids under the age of 8, a husband and a job. However, 45 minutes 3 times per week could add years on to your life, higher productivity, increased happiness, and a lot less jiggle and sagging and if you think about it that way, that 135 extra minutes per week has to be somewhere- maybe it's under the butter dish.


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