April 2012
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What is Hardware as a Service?
6 Tips to Save Time WIth Outlook
Better Budgets for 2012
The Big Distraction
Business Continuity Tip
The Big Distraction:
Not Enough Time

by Marlene Chism, www.stopworkplacedrama.com

When you see someone making a mountain out of a mole-hill, one thing you should know for sure: It’s not about the mole-hill.  Even when the mole-hill really is a mountain, it’s usually not about the mountain either.

The mole-hill is just a distraction. . .an excuse that prevents you from looking at your choices and being responsible for them.

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Business Continuity Tip

Assess, Adjust, Improve

Audit season in finally coming to a close. What a relief! While many of us dread being audited, it is an important exercise that adds value to your organization by providing insight and valuable recommendations for improvement.

In addition to your annual financial audit, regulators and corporate risk managers often require an annual test of your disaster recovery plan. Similar to an audit, exercising this plan identifies problems or weaknesses that can necessitate appropriate modifications to the plan.

To learn more about putting your disaster recovery plan in motion, you can visit the Agility Archives and watch recorded educational webinars on testing.


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Quote of the Month

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. He that does good to another does good also to himself.




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Welcome to the spring edition of the NRG newsletter!

We hope your spring is going well. All of us at NRG have certainly been enjoying the nice weather. What a nice break from years past.

As the year continues, many clients have begun to execute on their IT equipment replacement strategies. Do you have a plan for keeping your IT equipment refreshed at set intervals? Waiting to replace older hardware or trickling down older machines is not always an appropriate strategy. Many times the cost to obtain manufacturers support or repair on older devices can be cost prohibitive. One such example is previous generation SonicWALL firewalls. SonicWALL has set their maintenance renewal pricing on previous generation devices fairly high. We have helped clients upgrade their SonicWALLs through trade-in programs, thereby allowing them to access to the latest technology at lower than normal costs. If you have an older SonicWALL device you would like to obtain upgrade pricing on, let us know by e-mailing sales@nrgtechservices.com. Steve or I will get back to you with options.

Speaking of options, did you know that Managed Print services are available for your printer fleet? Managed Print Services are new, but with an old formula. Most likely you have a service contract on your copier/MFP device that covers service, toner, parts, etc... Basically everything but paper, for a monthly cost and may include a per page fee. These same services are now available for your everyday printers. NRG can provide you with options to put some or all of your printers on a maintenance agreement where all repairs, toner and parts are included.

Typically these agreements can save you money over purchasing support, parts, service and supplies on your own. Give us a call to learn more.

Have a great spring and take care until next time!
Chris Brown, Vice President, NRG Technology Services

What is Hardware as a Service?

Hardware as a Service, also known as HaaS, allows you to convert a large capital expense into a manageable operating expense by leasing you the hardware that you need. The hardware is placed at your site and a service provider remotely monitors your hardware and software. This gives you many of the benefits of an on-site system without the need to fund and maintain an IT staff. HaaS, in conjunction with other services, provides your business with a complete managed service solution.


  • No Initial Costs
    Hardware as a Service allows you to have quality solutions without the high cost.
    Everything your network needs without a large upfront capital expense. Instead of the usual upfront cost, all of your network hardware and service costs become a monthly fee for which you can budget.
  • Keep Control of Your Network
    From billing to standardization of components, to warranty and support, you maintain complete control of your network but still have a staff of experienced IT professionals at your disposal.
  • No More Worrying About Your Technology
    HaaS allows you to focus on the important aspects of running your business without having to worry about your hardware.

If you are interested in how you can get your business the new technology it needs in a convenient way by working with a HaaS provider, please contact us.

6 Tips to Save Time With Outlook
reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business Center

Organization and shortcuts are the key to efficiency when it comes to e-mailing clients, customers and co-workers.

Responding in a timely manner is crucial to business, so keep these Microsoft® Office Outlook® tips at your disposal to stay current and organized.

1. Keep a tidy inbox

The most important thing to maintain is also sometimes the most difficult: a clean inbox. Don’t be afraid to delete! Having a spring cleaning session once every few months is good for the soul—It gets rid of clutter. Deleted items can be permanently removed from your account by clicking Empty. Just be sure there’s nothing you will need in the future. You can also archive old items with the Auto Archive option. Having organized topic folders is helpful, as long as there aren’t so many subdivisions that it gets confusing. You can also store mail in the vault, which will automatically archive messages.

2. Never see “Your mailbox is almost full” again

Folders are a great way to maintain organization; however, unless folders are stored on your hard drive, they will still clog your inbox.

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Better Budgets for 2012:
Four Ways to Save on Security Essentials

used with permission from the Cisco Small Business Resource Center

Information security risks are up, but IT budgets at many businesses are down.

What can you realistically do this year to better protect your company?

Now Is The Time
Making IT security a business priority is urgent in 2012 for these reasons:

  • Employees will increase their use of wireless hotspots and cloud applications -- and handheld devices (a practice known as "bring your own device," or BYOD).

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