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60 Artists, 60 Artworks, 60 Years:

Celebrating the Archie Bray Foundation


June 3 - September 10, 2011

Meloy and Paxson Galleries


MMAC pays tribute to the 60th anniversary celebration of the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts. This exhibition coincides with ceramics exhibitions across the state and include a diverse selection of ceramics created by UM faculty, alumni and past Bray residents.  The exhibition continues at the UM Mansfield Library with Peter and Henry Meloy: Collaborations.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 5pm, UM PARTV Center

UM Student Welcome/Ceramic Artist Reception

Featuring UM faculty and community artists.


Becky Garner


Many thank yous and congratulations to Becky Garner, former MMAC Programs and Publications Coordinator.  Becky served the Museum for three years and came to know many of you through her work coordinating many of our popular events and lectures. Becky is now the Manager of Fiscal Operations and Personnel Services for The University of Montana School of Law. You will likely see Becky in the galleries and at MMAC events in the future, but we sure will miss her in the office!


Shawn Whitworth


We are delighted to welcome to MMAC Shawn Whitworth who comes to us most recently from Texas where she worked as Designer and Events Coordinator for Crate and Barrel. Shawn is originally from Havre and lived and worked in Missoula for many years as Managing Director for Monte Dolack Gallery and as an independant art consultant. 



Words with Wings

MMAC was honored to be visited again this summer by the young poets who took part in Words With Wings, the Missoula Writing Collaborative's annual summer camp which focuses on creative writing for ages 8 - 14. Artistic Director and newly appointed Poet Laureate of Montana Sheryl Noethe and Poet Robert Lee brought 25 kids into the galleries to experience and respond to the current exhibit.



Beth Lo Eight Immortals

Shelby Kinch

On viewing BETH L0, The Eight Immortals


Fog slowly drifted across the damp, grey, cliff.

Raindrops shattered across rocks

like rubies. The black sky thundered-

a sign of a dark day.


The glass rubies fall onto eight golden rocks,

their brightness overshadowed

by a raging monster.


The eight immortals sit on a shadowed cliff.

They stand, singing songs of light

to brighten the storm.


Their glowing faces shine through the fog,

a ray of hope throughout a dark storm.

And, when the last ruby had shattered

on the ground, the eight immortals

still stood, shining in the night.


Image:  Beth Lo, The Eight Immortals (detail), porcelain, gold leaf, china paint epoxy. The Montana Museum of Art & Culture Permanent Collection


War Torn: The Art of Ben Steele, Paintings and Drawings from the Bataan Death March 


September 23 - November 19, 2011

Meloy and Paxson Galleries


Features 82 drawings and 11 oil paintings donated to the MMAC Permanent Collection

by Montana artist and Bataan Death March survivor Ben Steele. As part of the Permanent Collection, Steele's paintings have been cleaned and conserved. The drawings were reframed using archival materials. MMAC director Barbara Koostra, conducted an oral history with Steele as part of MMAC's effort to preserve the history of art in Montana. She says, "Ben is a hero and a treasure. His message is one of peace. We hope that Montanans will learn a great deal about the lessons of war from his paintings and life story."

Ben and Shirley Steele courtesy of Billings Gazette











Ben and Shirley Steele at his 

93rd birthday celebration,

November 17, 2010,

Billings, MT  



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