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Josephine Hale Untitled
Josephine Hale: Paintings and Sketches by a Montana Pioneer Artist
One of Montana's most extraordinary early 20th century painters, Hale's life and art were shaped by a strong commitment to volunteerism and a love of travel. The daughter of a ranching family and early volunteer with the American Red Cross during WWI, Hale studied art at the Academy Delecluse in Paris, exhibiting in the prestigious Salon of 1934.
By the People, For the People:
New Deal Prints from the 1930s and 1940s
These 31 prints were created as part of an economic recovery program to pull the U.S. out of the Great Depression. They show art as a means of bolstering morale, combating poverty and creating a common vision for the nation.
Images: (Top) Josephine Hale, Untitled, n.d., oil on canvas,
(Bottom) Abrouwarf, New Year's Eve, n.d., wood carving  
Earth and Sky by Pam CaugheyThe Montana Museum of Art & Culture recently purchased a number of student works for the Permanent Collection, including:
Pam Caughey, Earth & Sky (featured right), graphite, encaustic, ink, 2007
Pam Caughey, History, digital print, graphite, encaustic, ink, 2007
Liz Christiansen, Life Above Ground, ceramic, 2009
Catherine Sugg, B for Best, mixed media, 2009 
Meaghan Gateley, Heart Ache, mixed media, 2009
Dana BoussardSpeaking Volumes: Transforming Hate
January 7 - March 6, 2010
In 2004, the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) secured over 4,000 white supremacist books. MHRN and the Holter Museum of Art (HMA) partnered to invite national artists to transform this propaganda into works of art that reflect social justice issues and stimulate arts-based civil dialogue. Organized by the HMA and traveling through the Museum and Art Gallery Directors Association of Montana.
Image: Dana Boussard, Hate Begins at Home, 2009, mixed media
Montana Museum of Art & Culture is in the process of raising money for a building, which will serve as a new exciting gateway to the UM campus. In each issue we will highlight ways this building and the work of the museum will support our community and create enriching opportunities.
Fine Art, Culture and Special Occasions
Building with backgroundImagine an evening of gourmet cuisine and vibrant art. The grand lobby of the new building will become a prime location on the UM campus for special events. An adjacent catering kitchen will provide the required support for small to large scale parties and programs.  
For more information about the MMAC building project, or to discuss naming opportunities, please call Barbara Koostra, Director at 406.243.2019 or contact her by email at
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 Image: Walter Hook, Minus Near Minot, lithograph, 4/70, n.d. 
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