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Meloy Masthead Brown
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November 5 - December 12, 2008
Meloy Horse
Henry Meloy and His Horses
Paxson Gallery
Henry Meloy was an important figure in Montana art history. His art included a wide range of subject material, but he was known for his watercolor paintings and drawings of horses, which became increasingly abstract in the late 1940s. In no other thematic series does Meloy allow such a bold play of expressionistic color and brushwork or convey such raw emotional intensity.
In this exhibition, follow Meloy's watercolor, graphite and ceramic horses on their journey from sensitive drawings to bold, expressive abstractions. 

Robert DeWeese and His Legacy
Meloy Gallery  
Robert DeWeese left a legacy both as an artist, who produced a significant body of work, and as a teacher, who inspired his students to experiment with new ways of seeing. DeWeese continues to inspire artists.
"Yes, I was always amazed at this man: his incomparable conception and concentration, his imagination and humanism, his complete individuality. Genius only comes around about every generation or so the mountains of Montana, it came."  - Bill Stockton, 1991
This exhibition features works by Robert and Gennie DeWeese, Rudy and Lela Autio, Peter Voulkos, Jessie Wilber, Neil Parsons, Jerry Rankin, Freeman Butts, Bill Stockton, Ted Waddell, Patrick Zentz and others who opened the way for modernism, abstraction and contemporary art in Montana.
Images:  (Above) Henry Meloy, Untitled, watercolor on paper, no date; (Below) Robert DeWeese, Untitled, detail, oil on board, no date
Lela AutioReception for both exhibitions
Thursday, November 6, 2008, 5-7pm

Artist Talk: Twelve Montana Artists 
by Lela Autio
Thursday, November 13, 2008, 7pm 
Room 204, James E. Todd Continuing Education Building
The galleries will be open for a short time before and after Lela's talk.
Montana Museum of Art & Culture is in the process of raising money for a building, which will serve as a new exciting gateway to the UM campus. In each issue we will highlight ways this building and the work of the museum will support our community and create enriching opportunities.
Building with background
Gateway to Campus
As you walk across the footbridge to UM, or drive the outer perimeter of campus, the museum will be a shining beacon designed to lead visitors into the inner academic grounds and across our renowned campus.
For more information about the MMAC building project, or to discuss naming opportunities, please call Sara Portzel, Director of Development at 406.241.6894 or contact her by email at
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