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Eurosun 2010
Eurosun 2010

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Summer time means high season for solar heating and cooling technology in Austria. Maybe this is why two companies announced unique records during holiday time:
In the middle of July, Austrian collector manufacturer Greenonetec celebrated the start of one of the fastest collector assembly lines in the world. Five weeks later, Austrian engineering company Solid presented its plans for a solar installation with 3,900 m2 of collector area in Singapore, which would be the largest solar cooling system in the world once it starts operating in the spring of 2011.
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GOTAustria: Greenonetec Opens one of the Fastest Collector Assembly Lines in the world
by Bärbel Epp 
Austrian OEM collector manufacturer Greenonetec runs four robots at its new assembly line for tray collectors supported by seven workers. A collector can leave the line every minute. This is one of the fastest cycle times in the world. Only very few processes require manual intervention such as placing the insulation and absorber into the tray and removing the coating protection foil, as well as fixing the grommets on the tray.
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SingaporeSingapore: Austria Delivers and Finances Biggest Solar Cooling Installation Worldwide
by Bärbel Epp
A major order for two Austrian companies was announced at a press conference in the middle of August: Austrian engineering company Solid - represented by its two CEOs Christian Holter (middle) and Franz Radovic (right) - signed a contract with the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), to deliver, install and operate a solar heating and cooling installation with 3,900 m2 of collector area in Singapore. The Raiffeisen-Landesbank of Steiermark (RLB-Stmk) will be responsible for financing the investment of around EUR 4 million together with the OeKB, the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank.
BrazilBrazil: Pros and Cons of Collector and Tank Labelling Programme
by Carlos Café
The Brazilian Labelling Programme PBP introduced in 1998 was and still is an important key driver for the development of the solar energy market in Brazil. By offering labels for solar thermal water heaters, PBE aims at providing information to consumers, which will enable them to evaluate and select products with a higher energy output. Although some market player see it more critically. 
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MinitecGermany: Minitec sells Assembly Line with Certified Collector
by Bärbel Epp 
The Solar Thermal Competence Centre (STCC) of German machinery supplier Minitec was inaugurated at the end of August. The German company invested EUR 1 million to set up a modular, semi-automated assembly line and a laser welding machine. New companies entering the solar thermal market will find great support in Minitec´s STCC. The clients can send their employees to the STCC for training and producing the first collectors under their own logo, which can be used for marketing and market introduction even before the own production line is set up.
MexicoMexico: Vacuum Tubes in 48 % of Residential Solar Water Heaters  

by Bärbel Epp
The marketing campaign for solar hot water systems in the residential sector in Mexico, Procalsol (2007 to 2012), bore fruit: According to the annual market statistics of the National Association of Solar Energy (ANES), the newly installed collector area in households almost tripled from 53,183 m2 in 2008 to 132,934 m2 last year. What comes as a surprise is the high share of vacuum tube collectors in the residential sector in Mexico: According to the ANES statistics, this technology makes up 48 % of the total collector volume installed in private households in 2009.
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